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Finally finished chapter 9! Hope you enjoy! =)

Thirteenth Floor: Chapter 9

March 11, 2019


No where to go, no one to turn to.”
No where to go but up.” Kennedy had said. Had it really only been an hour ago?
Reuben laid his head back against the cool metal wall. It seemed like a lifetime ago.
Nowhere to go but up.
He swallowed hard and lifted his eyes to where the ceiling should be.
Nowhere to go but up.
And there it was. A shaft of light grazed an exposed, dusty beam.
Reuben blinked ad squinted, sure his eyes, imagination, or both, were playing a trick on him.
But there it was. So white and pure against the darkness that warm tears rose to his eyes.
How did I not notice that before?
Because you weren’t looking for it.
Reuben closed his eyes. Nowhere to go but up.
The image of the shelf that Marianne had bumped into flashed across his brain.
What if…? Reuben’s brow creased, ad he looked again at the ceiling before turning to Kennedy beside him, her left knee pulled up beneath her chin.
A thunderbolt hit him in realization. I can see her. Just a little, but he saw her ponytail hanging limp over one shoulder, and her eyelids lay closed.
Marianne was curled in a ball beside Kennedy, face buried in her arms.
I’m not blind after all. He’d started to wonder.
Reuben touched Kennedy’s shoulder, silently marveling that he could see to know exactly where it was.
“Kennedy.” He whispered.
“Hm?” Her eyelids remained closed.
“Look up.”
She opened her eyes.
Oh you of so much trust. Reuben knew he didn’t deserve it.
He heard Kennedy inhale in surprise.
Her words were hushed and filled with awe. “It’s like a sunrise after a moonless night that you thought would never end.”
“Very poetic.” Reuben’s lips twitched.
“I get that way after being cooped up in a dark place for too long. Where’s it coming from?”
Reuben knew she couldn’t take her eyes off of it any more than he could. It was the first sight of hope they’d seen. Both figuratively and literally.
Sixteen hours left.
“I don’t know.” Reuben wish he did.
“Marianne.” Kennedy whispered harshly, prodding her friend gently in the shoulder.
Marianne slanted her eyes over in her direction; Reuben could only see the whites of them.
One traitor, one true friend. The thought tickled his brain. Marianne had been distant for the past couple hours. What is she thinking? Please don’t let her be the traitor.
Reuben swallowed. Which means you think she is. And he hated himself for it.
“How did we not notice that before?” Marianne was transfixed on the light.
Reuben understood the feeling. As though if you looked away it might disappear.
“I don’t know.” He heard Kennedy answer. “But I’m glad we see it now.”
Reuben looked over. They were all still faint silhouettes, but oh so much better than only voices and sounds.
And those red eyes. He hoped he would never see them again.
“How do we get to it?” Marianne stood up, neck craning.
Reuben held out his hands for Kennedy to take, and helped her to her feet. He glanced over at Marianne just in time to see her jerk her eyes away from his.
One traitor, one true friend.
Reuben shoved the thought away. “How’s your ankle feeling?”
“It’s been better, but I’ll be fine.”
Reuben couldn’t see her face well enough to tell if she was being honest or tough.
Probably both. Knowing Kennedy that was certainly possible. And she had called him a toughie back in the elevator. It felt like days had passed since that meaningless exchange.
Maybe I should’ve treasured it more.
Kennedy placed her hand on the wall and hobbled after Marianne.
“Kennedy, I can carry you if you want.” Reuben sidled next to her.
“Nah. I’m good. The wall’s solid.” She flashed him what was probably a grin, then yelped as the wall gave way.
Reuben vaguely heard Marianne run back to them as he kneeled beside Kennedy. He blinked. And the big hole in the wall.
A tunnel?
“You hurt?” Marianne sounded genuinely concerned. “Other than your sprain, I mean.”
Kennedy dusted her hands off. “No, just surprised. One second there was a solid wall under my fingers, then the next there wasn’t.” She glanced over where Reuben was looking. “Guess I’m stronger than I thought.” A nervous laugh rattled her breathing.
“Yeah, right.” Reuben looked up at the ceiling then back down at the tunnel. “Which way?”
“My vote’s for the light.” Kennedy got back up.
“Mine too.” Marianne nodded.
“Alright then. Ladies win.” Reuben glanced down the hole. Something made him want to see where it lead.
Kennedy must’ve noticed his hesitation. “Would you rather go through the tunnel?”
“I just feel like we should. I mean, what if this is the way to the elevator and that’s why it was hidden.”
Reuben glanced up.
“Or maybe the light is the right way.” Kennedy finished his thoughts.
“Guys?” Marianne’s quiet voice broke through their discussion.
“We’re not splitting up, right?”
Reuben could see the gleam of her eyes flickering back and forth between them.
“’Cause if we do, we may not find each other again.”
“Don’t worry, Marianne. We’re sticking together.” She turned to Reuben. “Right?”
He paused for the slightest moment before answering. “Right. Let’s try and find the source of that light. Marianne, do you remember where that shelf thingy was?”
“It was right before that turn in the maze.”
Reuben had no doubt of what terrifying image was haunting their minds, and none of them – maybe he least of all – wanted to go back there.
Because the creature might still be there. An involuntary shiver racked his body, and he swallowed hard.
Was his heart the only one that skipped a beat at the thought?
Kennedy recovered first. “C’mon, guys. We need to get moving.”
Sixteen hours left. No where to go but up.
Or down. Reuben’s eyes strayed to the hole in the wall. Why am I so drawn to it?
His mind continued to stubbornly think while his feet automatically followed Kennedy and Marianne as they walked slowly – anxiously – down the hallway.
Reuben hoped they weren’t headed into the mouth of a dragon.
Sixteen hours counting down.
Game on.


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    Thank you so much! You're so sweet! =)
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    This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I couldn't stop reading all of the chapters. Please write more as soon as possible!

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