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Chapter Twelve: The Game

March 11, 2019


“Yeah, I don’t know what happened yesterday,” Albany laughed. She’d missed dinner and Lynn and Cassidy hadn’t seen her afterward, so they met again at breakfast the next day.

“Well, I won’t keep asking,” Cassidy responded. “But that was weird, man! You were acting like you were...brain-wiped or something.”

“You were,” Lynn admitted.

Albany shrugged and took a bite of her cereal. “Who knows?”
They all went to their sessions after breakfast. This time Rush came first for Lynn, where she was doing Levels Two and Three. She passed Level Two easily, only falling once the first time by slipping in sand and managing to pass without falling her second time.

Level Three was a bit harder. She was in a full simulation this time, and she couldn’t see the crowd around her. The platforms were slanted here, and there were far more turns than there had been in the first two levels.

“Okay, careful…” she readied herself before dashing forward. This level seemed to be going much faster than the last one. What was going on? She turned, arms flailing, before nearly running into the wall.

The next platform split in half just as her foot touched down, and she crashed to the ground. When the simulation faded from around her, she rubbed her now-aching head and stood up, confusing.

What was up with that level?

On the large screen that usually displayed the leaderboard, Lynn watched the other competitors. None of them appeared to be doing very well either, with most of them also getting tripped up at the dividing platform.

However, their instructor looked rather nervous. He was furiously tapping buttons on a small device similar to what Cara had used to bring the contestants back to the main room in Water Evasion.

Occasionally he would look up at the screen and the group, where his trainees were apparently oblivious to what was happening.

Finally he sighed and hit a button, bringing the current runner back to the yellow line where they started.

The group turned to their instructor, baffled. His nervousness had increased, and now he was quite pale in the face.

“Trainers,” he said. “I’m very sorry, but I think I have to cut this session short. We’re having some technical difficulties. You’re free to take a break until your next session starts, or you can stay here until the problems are fixed, though that might be a while.”

Some kids looked surprised and exclaimed in astonishment. So that was what had happened! That was why it was going so much faster, and why the platform kept splitting.

As Lynn left the room, several people carrying toolboxes and electronic devices entered the room. They jumped down onto the floor by the first few levels and opened a panel in the side of the platform’s base. Interesting, Lynn thought. She left the room and headed toward Flame Evasion, where Cassidy was sitting outside the glass window-wall. It appeared that the same thing had happened there as in Rush.

“What happened?” Lynn said, walking up behind Cassidy.

Her friend looked up, surprised. “Lynn! Why are you here?” Then she slapped herself in the face. “Sorry, that sounded really rude. What are you doing here, though?”

Lynn laughed and sat down next to Cassidy. “Rush was having ‘technical difficulties’, apparently, so they dismissed us and I came over here so I could watch you. The better question is what are you doing? Are they having ‘technical difficulties’ here too?”

“I think so,” Cassidy responded. “They didn’t dismiss us, though. Just told us to wait outside.”

Lynn frowned. “This just adds another layer of weirdness to the whole thing about the Game. Both of our Games are having problems at the same time, and they didn’t tell us why.”

“Yeah,” Cassidy said. “That’s weird. You think we should find out if any other games are having the same trouble?”

 “But you said you aren’t technically  dismissed,” Lynn told her, raising an eyebrow.

 “I’m not, but I don’t think they’ll finish fixing it in time for the session to continue. Plus, honestly? I don’t really care if I miss the rest of it. They’re doing the same level I did yesterday, which I passed easy.”

 “Okay,” Lynn told her, putting her hands up in surrender and standing. “Where should we check first?”
After checking around the entire facility, Lynn and Cassidy found out that almost every game was having some sort of a complication. Some games weren’t even able to get fixed right away because all the repairmen and women were tied up with the first few games that were reported.

And it wasn’t restricted to the building; even some of the outdoor games like Underneath were having problems, and several kids were stuck inside the simulation. “I hope Albany’s okay,” Lynn commented, and Cassidy nodded.

They returned to the Flame Evasion room, where the repair people were still working. It looked like some of them were inside the platform bottoms, and it made for an interesting sight.
The meal bell that punctuated their days rang, and they went to the dining hall. Albany, whom they hadn’t seen since breakfast, was waiting. “So you didn’t get stuck in Underneath!” Cassidy exclaimed when she saw her.

“What?” Albany asked, confused.
“Did you not hear? A whole bunch of games were breaking down, having problems, and they said some kids got stuck in Underneath, picked.”

“Oh,” Albany responded. “No, I didn’t know. I went to Catch first today and I guess nothing happened there.”

Lynn frowned. “Huh.”

They got food and went to their table, where they sat in silence and ate. Lynn’s mind was occupied, and she said nothing when Cassidy and Albany struck up an idle conversation about the weird problems with the games.
Why had Albany talked to someone and then come back disoriented? Why had almost every game had some sort of difficulty without any explanation? Why had their names had been mentioned in a meeting. These questions and many more swirled through Lynn’s mind as she ate.

What was happening?


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  • Quille

    Okay, so I'm a couple days late, but I didn't forget XD
    I have the same question as Lynn right now & I need it answered (but the suspense is very enjoyable too :) What did they do to Albany???? What's with all the kids in Underneath??? And the Game problems?? You're creating so much awesome mystery............ *agh!!! I don't have answers yet!!* (which is a good thing, it's a big factor in keeping me interested; not to mention that I'm worried about Cassidy & Albany)
    Waiting *patiently* for the next chapter :DDD

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Will be back to write a more in-depth comment! (probably tomorrow)

    over 1 year ago