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i feel so little these days

March 11, 2019


     i am sitting here
the remnants of raisins 
and yesterday's apple core
knotting sourness in my stomach
    when my eyes close
i breathe in mom's radish soup
and i used to feel a heart there
i used to feel everywhere 
    but these days the only thing
i bear is lead under my skin
from third grade pencils and some
boy's touch over and over - 
    this is how i tell myself i am real. 
the witch i was meant to be shrieks
but i write everything in pen
for a reason i am here to be crossed out
    that is why my poems
are just words with lines through them
why chemistry is one long scribble
why i was born a girl
    and not a forest fire 
to be honest i am always angry
if anger is nothing under a slow-
beating heart to be honest
    i am hungry for everything 
but the only food i am allowed to eat
tastes like nothing at all. 



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1 Comment
  • The Bubbling Pen

    Woahh I really love your poem and can feel the emotion and passion in your piece <3

    over 1 year ago