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Being the romantic, sappy person that I am, I was bored and decided to write this. XD I hope you don't find it too cheesy, and thanks for reading. :P

A Piece

March 11, 2019


On one side, there was the group of more than 40 kids. On the other side, there were Umbra members coming toward them fast. Ayla and Jace were stuck in the middle, and they didn’t know what to do. “Ayla, you have to go. Go now,” Jake told her.

“No! You have to come with me or they’ll catch you!”

“I’ll be fine, okay? Just go. Take them and get out.”

“Jake…” Ayla pleaded. She was desperate. Tears were rolling down her face, and the Umbra people were getting closer and closer.

Jake shook his head, knowing there wasn’t time.

“It’ll be okay,” he whispered, blinking back the tears in his own eyes. “It’ll be okay.”

Then he took Ayla’s face in his hands and kissed her gently.

Ayla froze, knowing that the Umbra people were coming dangerously close but not wanting to break away. Her and Jake’s relationship (or lack thereof) had confused Ayla ever since they met at school, but now it all seemed to make sense. The strange glances, the random congratulations. Even his agreement to work with her.

Jake broke away first, sensing the Umbra people just a few feet away and realizing how little time was left. He gave Ayla a gentle push and squeezed her hand, and she wiped her eyes as she ran the opposite direction. “Come on, you guys,” she told the group of kids. “Run. And run fast.”


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  • spearmint

    Oooh!! This was so interesting!

    over 1 year ago