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It All Began With a Tsunami

March 13, 2019



I was at the backyard of my house picking red apples from the apple tree with my wooden basket. Everything was perfect. The grass was so green it looked like candy, the boiling sun was shining upon my face, a soft wind swayed the tree, and birds were singing a beautiful song, when all of a sudden, the soft wind turned strong and heavy while the birds flew away in terror. I turned around and instantly saw blue and grey colours. My house, my life was going to be engulfed in the big tidal wave. I ran as though I had never run before, for my parents were indoors. I screamed for them and shrieked as the wave was getting closer and closer.
“Theodora!” I heard my parents scream. But I never reached them. I had been pulled away by the great tsunami. I was struggling for breath when a stop sign hit me. I closed my eyes with a thought, now, I had no home, no parents, nobody to care for me. From that moment on, I became an orphan.

My eyes burst open. I felt a sting of pain on my head. I reached to touch it but I was immobile. I couldn’t move. I looked at my hands and saw how swelled up it was. I tried screaming, but no sound came out of my mouth. I closed my eyes for a split second and recalled everything, from the apples, the screams, the colours, the wind. My eyes teared up.
“Mom” I said shakily with croaky voice “dad”. But then, shouldn’t I be dead?  I started shaking with fear. Where was I? I looked around and realized I was in an empty room, I was sitting in a big chair in the middle of it. Just then the door burst open and through it came a lady in a white coat, a pink buttoned shirt and white pants. However my eyes were drawn to her hands, which were dripping of dark red liquid.
“Sorry” she said smiling, while walking towards a sink located beside me. She turned the faucet clockwise creating a squeaky noise “surgery” she clarified. “How are you holding up?”
“Oh, sorry” she laughed awkwardly “I’m doctor Silvia”
Doctor? I thought. Then, the realization struck me. I was in a hospital.
Doctor Silvia raised her hand slowly, holding a needle.
“How are you feeling?” she asked.
“Not that well” I replied.
“I’m going to have to run some blood tests to see how you’re doing” her smile reached her ears. I swallowed hard.
“Ok” I replied preparing myself for the sting. I closed my eyes, but it never came. I peeked through my eyelashes and saw doctor Silvia staring at me. Her eyes sparkled.
“I’ll run the test tomorrow. Don’t worry about it now! I was just getting it ready” she never dropped her smile. I couldn’t help but feel tingles in my spine, and that was never a good sign.
“For now” she added “close your eyes, and think happy thoughts. Try to sleep. You have a big day tomorrow”
She walked out, shutting the door behind her as she left. Before I knew it, my eyes closed themselves.
I heard a loud noise coming from outside my hospital room.
“Don’t open your eyes” I said quietly, reassuring myself that it was all simply a dream. I calmed down again.
Another noise, different. As though two cooking pans hit each other.
“It’s all a dream, it’s all a dream...”
I jumped in fear. I felt wind rushing up my face, and I felt eyes setting upon me. This time I opened my eyes.
“You see, I could chop your head off, but that wouldn't be any fun!” said the person who was staring intently at me “Instead, I want your death to be much, much, much more painful. My eyes began to adjust themselves to the darkness, and I realized who was talking. I gasped.
Doctor Silvia was holding a knife, leaning it against my neck, while on the other hand, she had the blood test needle. Quickly, she raised the needle and stabbed it on my cheek. I screamed. I could feel the sticky blood running down my face, and my vision blurred.
There was something shining on the ground. I moved slowly and dizzily toward it. My eyes widened when I found out what it was. Doctor Silvia had a flaw on her evil plan. One, I wasn't strapped down to my seat, and two, she let her knife fall.
"My daughter died in a tragic accident, and you look exactly like her!" she said smiling, not realizing that I was already out of my seat. "It's not really fair, that you get to live, and my little baby doesn't"
It was too late for her, I threw the heavy knife, aiming at her heart, but I missed drastically. Instead, it hit both her eyes, squirting blood in my direction. I began seeing double vision and my whole body felt heavy. I fell back hitting my head hardly on the floor, I blinked slowly, trying to adjust my vision.
"You won't ever do this to someone else again" I said weakly and angrily. I looked at her dead body on the ground. She was in a pile of her own blood. I took out the blood test needle from my cheek and stared at it.
My eyes became heavy.
"Fight it," I managed to say in between tears "Fight it!"
I forced my eyes open and tried to stand up, leaning against the sink for support. I began to walk slowly. Every step I took was as if I were drowning in quicksand. As I was walking out, I couldn't help but think: Where am I supposed to go? Is this how my story ends? Well, lets just say Theodora Taylor's story; my story is far from over.
Hello! My name's Manuela , and i'm new to write the world , hope you like my first piece of writing. Go check my friend's page: AJ - Izzy 


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