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I am Fourteen, female, and back whenever I can get a computer...highschool is busy :'( Started 1/9/19

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Disclaimer; highly relatable, aggressive, and depressing


March 11, 2019


What's the point of trying?
What's the point of writing? 
What's the point of being me if you all just look through me?
Why not let me be?
Why make fun of the girl in the hoodies?
Why not listen, instead of running your mouths like you'll die if you shut up?
I have all these questions but no answers, since you all just look through me like a ghost!
She's just a shell...
She's a shell of that girl who you saw at the beginning of the year.
You didn't know her life was a living hell, did you?
You didn't know it's a struggle to get up every day and pretend that everything is okay.
You didn't know she can barely pick up a fork because you bullied her.
She can't laugh it off like you, cause unlike you, she cares!
You all demonize her, you don't even know her!
You didn't know that she picked up that kid you threw down.
You didn't know she would lend someone a knife, knowing full well that they'd stab her in the back!
You don't know that you do this because deep inside, you know, she's better than all of us.

Eh-heh... just ranting don't mind me.


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  • xXlunagirlXx


    8 months ago
  • anonymous14

    i like it and for the record you sound fucking badass but in a nice way...x

    8 months ago
  • xXlunagirlXx

    Heh... yea

    8 months ago
  • Quille

    Agreeing with the first part of your disclaimer :) Highly relatable :SK

    8 months ago