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dreaming of goddesses, sunflowers and italian sunshine.

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i hate this it's so badly written n i feel terrible because all the poems my love writes for me are incredible and mine are shit

(i think they sang, rather than spoke)

March 10, 2019


when the gods built us, darling, they were aching for a love story.

i don't know how long ago they pulled our souls from the night sky, where they had been fixed, stationary, shining like distant planets, waiting for an eclipse. for all i know, it was at the formation of the earth. for all i know, it was yesterday.

sometimes, though, i think i know. in the inbetweeness of sleep and consciousness or in the eternal dissociation of sickness, when my limbs are heavy and speaking is too difficult, when my bedroom ceiling spins above me and it is always too dark to make out the words on the pages of the books i try to read - then is when i remember things. memories, maybe, or just strange dreams slipped into my head. images of goddesses too great for human eyes, visions of the green green earth and flashes of your skin in the dark.

i think they are gifts, ñi chilli. i think it is their way of apologizing for taking us so far apart. i think they are letting me remember previous lives - every time i've fallen in love with you before, every time i'll fall in love with you again.

they are good. they are kind to us. let us thank them by loving each other as much as we can.


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  • Anha

    a gift, my love :)

    5 months ago
  • Johanna

    How is this bad?? Don't beat yourself up- this is amazing and beautiful! Don't you do that to yourself ;^;

    11 months ago
  • Anha

    wHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS IS NOT SHIT THIS IS BEAUTIFUL I'M ANGRY AT YOU FOR THINKING YOU'RE NOTHING BUT PERFECT BUT ALSO I LOVE YOU SO MUCh and the fact that you'd write something for me is a gift beyond measure. your words are gold to me - soft and easy to mould, but they are beautiful in your hands - your fingers mould them so, my love. you mean the world to me, the moon, the sun, all the stars and galaxies moving slowly through a glittering void - none of the splendour of these heavenly bodies compare to the way i feel when you say 'ñi chilli' or 'i love you' or even just say my name. one day, i promise you, you will feel as whole and resplendent as i think you are. as i know you are. ich liebe dich mein Engel. du bist meine Welt <3

    11 months ago