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Please give feedback, especially since this is for a contest! N.'s contest, to be specific.

as i must assume was the case with you #N.poetry

March 11, 2019


people don't seem to realize what numb means:
it's not like shin guards in soccer, or
the callouses you get when you play guitar.
numb is standing in a creek with your
jeans bunched up against the skin above your knees and
the sun flashing like a sword, whiling away to the horizon,
and the water slapping your ankles again and again,
so cold it bites,
so cold it seeps through your skin and drags away your veins,
and still not feeling a thing. and you would kneel and dip
your face into the water with your eyes open and let
the salt shrivel whatever's left of you
just so things could be the way they were before.

and standing there with a handful of dripping stones, as
the setting sun casts shadows down my face, i pray:
i drove three states to get here, to fit my toes into your footprints,
and still my heart refuses to sink me to the floor,
and still the tears refuse to burst from my eyes,
and i'm opening the door to the caged sob in my throat,
but still it refuses to escape.
now the shadows are climbing from my skin to the creek to the bridge,
and the world is turning to face the stars,
and the water, so cold it's hot, has soaked my feet to nothing,
but whatever could be called a soul won't do the same.
my car won't start up, but that's the thing about being numb:
i'll sit here in this dusty parking lot till sunrise and i won't care that
the hood of my car is gnawing at my back or that my feet are buzzing with sleep.
forever awake in a world of dreamers.
and where are you?
This is based off of a song called Bixby Canyon Bridge by Death Cab for Cutie (which is also where I got the title from, so just a disclaimer that it's not mine). It's not my all-time favorite song, but it's definitely up there. For a contest.


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  • N.

    Contest results are up!

    over 1 year ago
  • N.

    I'll admit, I lowkey hate Death Cab for Cutie (through no fault but my own and my father's) but the song was actually great and so is the poem. Thanks for entering! :)

    over 1 year ago