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I love to read and write. I like the books Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, and Wings of Fire. I could rant for hours about Percy Jackson. I think Keefe is best for Sophie. I like the night sky too. I also believe in Jesus Christ.

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Reaching Home #N.poetry

March 10, 2019


Song: Love is War
Here's the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5Zp3bXwDdA

You stand there, just before me,
with that look in your sorrowful eyes.
They used to be filled with hope and joy,
but now I've been seeing too much pain and brokenness.
They should be there,
those emotions do not belong in your life,
but, I guess, war as a way of changing people.

We've been traveling upon this rough
and too worn path for so long.
We've lost the meaning of happiness
and the sun is long gone.

Our feet hold blisters
and hands cold blood.
Our minds are dim
and our hearts carry many scars.

Calloused and broken,
we stumble onward.
Just ahead, there's a glint,
a spark over the hills.
It's luminous and bright.

A sunrise, dawning hope,
pushes away the cold night.
Our dark path is coming to an end,
at the end, a hope glows, warm and bright, 
a home await.
We're finally heading home.


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  • N.

    Nice imagery- and thanks for the link to the song! Thanks for entering :)

    over 1 year ago