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macabre soulmates

March 15, 2019


his hands grapple around the edges of the skull,
like clinging from a cliff ledge:
grotty fingernails snatch at rough bone,
browned and deepened in the soiled light,
shadow cascading over the gaping sockets,
the deserted cavity of a nose.
light shines where skin would fit,
and a row of teeth like rotted pillars rest
on calloused fingertips.
and atop it all, a crown;
tarnished gold and an air of demand.
there's an architecture to it, the social pyramid ingrained
into the slender curves and ledges.
it slips over the skull as easily as a gown,
as though the sculpted dents and the turn of the gold
are locked in a dance,
a precise pirouette to where shadow meets shadow---
macabre soulmates from another life.
you beg a question to the
wide eclipse of the eyes, the cape
of shadow draped over it all,
the tantalizingly untouchable bone,
and the hollowed cave of sockets and crown
leave you to kneel. 


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  • Alix Ravyn

    I absolutely love this, wonderful use of words.

    14 days ago
  • SeaOfWords

    I love your style, so vague. Great piece!

    25 days ago
  • paperbird

    ah, such a good revision! great work!!

    about 1 month ago