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"the audience is only safe when the story isn't about them."

they/them - probably listening to sufjan stevens

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Inspired by a painting that I can't find the name of. Please comment in addition to liking; likes tell the author nothing!

macabre soulmates

March 10, 2019


his hands grapple around the edges of the skull,
like hanging from a cliff ledge for dear life:
grotty fingernails echo on rough bone,
tanned and browned in the soiled light,
shadow cascading over the sockets,
the cavity of a nose.
light shines where skin would fit,
and a row of teeth like rotted white pillars
rest on calloused fingertips.
atop it all, a crown;
tarnished gold with an air of demand.
there's an architecture to it, the social pyramid
ingrained into the fine curves and ledges.
it slips over the skull as easily as a gown,
as though the dents in the head and the turn of the gold
were tailored for each other.
macabre soulmates from another life.
it begs a question---
no, you beg a question,
and the hollowed cave of sockets and crown
leave you to kneel. 


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