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Color of my Soul

March 10, 2019


what color would you exude?
With endless possibilities,
would a hue outshine the rest?
Maybe deep down they have their little civilization,
waging war
and swimming through the dense sea of mania
so a hue shines a bit brighter than the rest.
Maybe if I talked to my crush,
you'd ooze swaths of orangish-pink
as my heart bleeds for affection.
A battle would commence,
a navy blue and embroidered purple tinges:
the fear that my heart will sizzle with just a few words.
Even though fear plagues my actions,
you'd see a kaleidoscope of emotions
ranging from the yellow hue of euphoria
to the stark whiteness of despair, 
a color so blanched that it stains my eyes with misery.
Each hue shines their own light upon my heart,
mixing together to make my soul sparkle.


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  • Xavier Nelson

    Thank you ^w^

    over 2 years ago
  • Blotted

    Wow, this is so powerful, and somehow, the ending is entirely perfect, even though I usually don't like the words sparkle or mixing. Great job!

    over 2 years ago