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The Struggle of Sweatshops

March 7, 2016

                                                                        The Struggle of Sweatshops
    Is the struggle and suffering of people in 3rd world countries okay? Is cheap and unsafe labor worth having a nice pair of shoes or a shirt? This happens everyday in sweatshops, they're horrible. It’s a form of slavery. The little pay and poor working conditions must to be fixed.

    The first reason that sweatshops in foreign countries are bad because they pay very little. According to the        
The World Counts “Sweatshop wages can be so low that they barely cover essential needs. Some people work for as little as 1 US cent per hour.’’ In other word these jobs cannot fulfill success. If you are stuck at a sewing machine, not making any money then life will be very difficult. One can see that something needs to be done.

    The second reason why sweatshops are bad is because they are unsafe, more laws should be made to make sweatshops safer. ‘’Disasters in Bangladeshi factories that killed over 1,200 people.’’- Independent News. This goes to show that the lazy business owners want things done cheap and easy are essentially killing innocent people. Such evidence proves that safety laws must be put into action.

    The third and final reason is sweatshops are extremely unsanitary. A survey by America Aljazeera found that almost 40% of the workers saw rodents or cockroaches in their workplace, 80% received no health and safety training, and nearly half had no access to first aid at work. This proves that sweatshops are dangerous, unsanitary and pay there employees very little.  

    Some people might ask how are we supposed to change the economy and laws in other countries. They also might think that sweatshops are cheap, fast and easy way to manufacture products. Without them you might not have the clothes on your back. Sweatshops provide work for people in 3rd world countries. They might not see anything wrong with them.

    However, people can die from the working conditions and to top it off they get payed very little. The sweatshops start with wealthy companies here in the United States. If we have rules put in place prohibiting big name corporation from abusing
the cheap labor force than we have made progress.

    What can be done to make safer and more worker friendly environments? We have it good in the US. There mandatory breaks, minimum wage, and health codes put in place by the government. I know we can’t change the foreign government. But, if we had a law stating that all US companies are required to make sure all overseas manufactures are provided for.
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