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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

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Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoy my pieces published on this page! Most of what I write is inspired by real life events, along with people I have the pleasure of meeting. Please favourite, review, leave a comment or share any of my works if you like them because it may not seem like it but it means a great deal to me and will make my day tremendously.

​As In True or False

March 10, 2019

My aunt Trieu introduces herself this way whenever someone meets her for the first time. A great conversation starter, a second mother who spoils me more than my own, a best friend and a fellow Disney enthusiast, my aunt is a woman in my life who I admire and aspire to become. 

Aunty lives in a single storey house by herself on a corner of a busy road. She tends to a mango tree that has erected itself in the centre of her front yard. There are rose bushes on the side, always trimmed to perfection. Inside, her living room couch is filled with plush toys she has accumulated over the years, the ones she greets every evening after work. Her kitchen is cosy with just enough utensils for her and a small number of guests. An old, creaking piano sits in a spare room that she has made multiple mental notes for to get tuned some time soon. What I love most about her space is her bedroom, lit up with glow-in-the-dark stickers attached to the ceiling. The place is simple, but highly stylish. 

Despite all the modesty, Aunty is perhaps the most successful woman I know. Leaving a world of poverty and suffering in Vietnam, she came to Australia with my dad having no qualifications. They studied extensively at TAFE to receive certification and Aunty now is in one of the highest positions in an engineering firm for aeroplanes. As of current, she is the only female in this role and revered by her co-workers, many of whom I have met, for her extraordinary ability to lead a team. She even chooses to remain single, believing that her love will forever be her job and has the greatest dedication, drive and resilience that any person could possibly have. The kind of passion she has for what she does is beyond anything I can attempt to compare it to. 

In two days time, she will be flying off to Melbourne for a Women's Leadership conference and to attend training to further accelerate herself in the work force. In celebration of, and coinciding with, International Women's Day, it would be my honour to share the phenomenon that is my Aunty. I look forward to seeing what changes she will make, whether it be to the world or to the minds of those her around her like me.


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