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Argumentative Essay

March 11, 2016

Natalie Luadtke
Ms. Hogen
Language and Literature
November 19, 2015
Are School Web Filters Too Restrictive?
We can't do some of my schoolwork because a lot of stuff that is on google gets blocked and We need those to do my homework. We will need the White Bear School District to cut down on the blocking so students can do all their work.
The first and terrible reason is part of why the schools block things and how it is  bad to students. ACLU states, “school districts should only filter categories like safety categories only filter categories required by federal” law and bar the use of “safe search” keyword, (some suggestions). In other words ACLU is saying that you should only use certain filters for the web because you don't want to block too much stuff. Then it goes back to how only certain kinds of web filters should be placed.
The second reason is that a teacher should have the power to unblock something. ACLU explains that,  “school districts are overruling a teacher’s unblocking request as well as keep information on file”, (some suggestions). In other words ALCU is saying that the teachers don't have any power of what should be unblocked even though they are the ones teaching the lesson. After it comes back to how teacher need to have a higher power and be able to have an easier time unblocking things.
My third and final reason is that if you are done with your homework you can't do very much. KATHERINE SCHULTEN states that, “If you are done with your homework there are no websites to play games on because all of them are blocked or if you're looking for research it will be blocked a lot of the time,” (paragraph 1). In other words she is saying the kids with chromebooks can't do very much because a lot of stuff that is on it is blocked. Then it comes back to how the restrictions are being used by the school district too much.
Lastly Even with evidence here people still argue that web filters are not too restrictive even though it is shown that we have to make restrictions too how much you block on the web. according to the ACLU “web filters are still way too restrictive and have had other people agree.” This shows that the evidence is true and school web filters are too restricted.
In conclusion schools use web filters way too much it makes games and useful websites get blocked and it doesn't make it different I think it should change and we should only use web filters on things that absolutely need to be blocked.

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