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I`m a high school graduate and I`ve been thinking about going to collage to be an author. I got this site from one of my favorite teachers, Mrs.Foreman. I`m just trying to see if writing is the right place for me.

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Stolen Heart

March 7, 2016


Chapter 1: Friendship
          People always wondered how the rich popular girl became best friends with the poor shy boy. Well this is that story. My name is Julia Lively. This is about my best friend, William Wolf, and me. The story that everyone wants to know is finally coming into view so sit back and watch our friendship blossom.
           It all started on the first day of sixth grade. He had come to my first period class with his old book bag. The teacher sat him beside me, I was intrigued by him. The way his black bangs swept across his forehead and how  his blue eyes reminded me of the sapphire stone on my dad's favorite ring.
          I remember being so nervous when I talked to him the first few times because I was afraid that he wouldn't like me. Then one day I brought him a new bookbag. I didn't feel so nervous anymore because he had refused it until I made him take it. He didn't like talking to me because I was rich and he wouldn't take advantage of my family's money. After that we talked every day and walked to classes together.
           We both loved art. That was the big thing that had connected us. We would take turns drawing on the same picture and making it better. He would come to my house and we would paint our own pictures on my wall. My wall quickly filled with our art. Each painting got better and better. We would even go back and fix mistakes on our old ones. We would spend hours in my room just painting and then he would leave with a smile on his face.
            One of the times he was over he wouldn't let me see what he was working on. He spent hours on the painting and once he stepped away I saw why he hadn`t want me to see it. It was perfect. He had painted us. My blonde hair was up in a curled ponytail and my green eyes looked the color of emeralds. His arm was around my shoulders and he looked so happy. That night he didn't really want to leave.
           The next day he didn't show up to school and I was worried because he never missed school, he had never even been late to a class. After school that day I didn`t go home. I searched for him and when I found him I was shocked at how he looked. He had been beaten badly and he was laying in a box. The alley I found him in was dirty and filled with trash. I sat by him and waited for him to wake up as I played with his hair. I could tell that he had a few broken bones and it made me wonder who could have done this to him. When he woke up he was surprised to see me.
          “Julia? What are you doing here? It`s late….shouldn't you be at home,” he asked in a weak voice.
          “I was worried about you so I searched for you and when I found you here I couldn't leave you alone,” I had told him as I played with his hair.
            That was the night that our bond was locked tight. He told me everything. His parents had left him at a park in central park and never even filed a missing person's report. He had been on the streets since then and that was when he was seven. He said that I had been the first person to care enough to help and that he didn't know how to handle the help. My father paid his hospital bill and let him stay in the guest room as long as he wanted.
            Throughout everything we've stayed close. He was there for every broken heart and he was there to stand up for me. I slowly fell in love with him but I was scared that I would ruin everything we had, everything we had worked so hard to keep for so many years.
           Then came his first girlfriend.  It was ninth grade and her name was Emma. We didn’t quite see eye to eye. I stepped back and we had all but stopped talking. He had got his own apartment around the same time, along with a job. I was hurt but he couldn`t know.  He Didn't know what was happening to me or why I was covered in bruises every day. Only two people knew the truth to what was happening, my boyfriend and me.
           He saw me in the hall one day and pulled me beside the stairwell where we would always sit and talk after school before everything broke apart.
          “What happened,” he asked as he put his hand on my cheek. I knew what he was referring to and it was the fact that I had a black eye plus my broken arm.
          “I fell down the stairs,” I lied
          “We both know that's a lie. Now who did this to you,” he had asked in the same tone I had used that night in the alley.
           I broke and told him everything. I told him about everything that my boyfriend had done to me and how my boyfriend had beat me even for the little things I did wrong. I told him how my boyfriend told me that he would kill me if I left him because to him I was just a pretty face that had a lot of money. A few days after that the police showed up at my boyfriend's house and they caught him red handed. My nose had been broken this time and the police arrested him on the spot.
            “We're over,” I told him at a distance because I was still afraid.
            The next day William was wearing a grin that he usually had after beating me at a game. William had won more than just saving me.
   He had won my heart.
Chapter 2: Home
           After that day we hung out yet it still never felt the same. His girlfriend was always pulling him away. I tried to back down again but he wouldn't let me. I was like a dog, no matter how much I tried to get away, I always got put back in a cage.
          It was clear that Emma didn't want me around. William would just pull me back with our bond. I was happy that he still wanted me around and all but I felt like she was going to cut my head off when I got close. She actually threatened me a few times but I wasn't scared of her. I had been through worse than she was threatening.
           He never came to my room anymore, so my walls stayed the same that they had been before he moved out. It just wasn't the same without him to help with the art. I felt empty without him but I couldn't tell him.
          Around christmas he actually came ‘home’. My family welcomed him with opened arms and we had even gotten him gifts. We didn`t know if he would show up but even if he hadn't I would have given him the gifts at school. He stayed in his old room on Christmas eve and we even added a new picture to my wall.
         When we woke up Christmas morning we sat by the tree as my father passed out gifts. I had gotten William a flat screen for his apartment along with along with band posters. He loved band posters and he collected them, so the autographed posters made him happy. William got me a guitar because I loved to collect them.
           “How did you find this,” I had ask him after I opened it.
           “I made it….It took weeks of hard work but it was worth it to see you smile,” He said happily.
           “thank you,” I said with a huge smile as I hugged him.
           The fun didn't last much longer because Emma showed up around lunch time. I forced my mouth to stay shut when she was there even though William hated my silence. I could tell that everyone could feel the tension between Emma and I, because everyone seemed uneasy. After lunch William had hurried Emma out the door before giving me a hug. Our hugs had turned awkward to me since Emma came along but I never told William. I didn't want to hurt him.
            Two days after Christmas I got a call from the hospital that I had volunteered at so many times. This wasn't for my volunteer work though. It was about William. I had never driven so fast in my life. I thought I was going to lose him and I couldn't bare that thought.
William had been in a terrible accident.
Chapter 3: Comatose
          I had been by his side for days on end. My father had even made arrangements with the medical staff. My father had decided to leave me to rule his life while he couldn`t. My father put his life in my hands and I was afraid that I wouldn't make the right choices.  
         I found out what happened that night when Emma showed up because she was acting worse that I`ve ever seen. I mean yeah she's always been cold hearted to me but never like this.
         “This is your fault,” she had said angrily when she walked in the door.
         “How is this my fault,” I had asked quietly because my voice was strained from crying so much.
        “He said that you called him and that you needed his help,” she yelled at me.
       “I never called him,” I said and cowered in the chair that I had stayed in since I arrived.
       She walked over and punched me in the face. All I could do was watch her leave a note and walk out. After that I started talking to him and they must have thought I was crazy.
      “Sorry William but I can't continue to be with you. I feel like you don't like to be around me anymore and I don`t need you. I've been meaning to tell you for a while now and this is the best way. Love,Emma. P.S. I cheated on you a lot so you don't matter,” I read it to him and I cried as I held his hand. I told him I was so sorry and that I would make it better if he stayed.
      He flat lined while I was asleep that night and I hit the call button when the machines woke me.
     “William please don't die on me,” I sobbed as they tried to save him. “William I love you,” I cried my love for him over and over that night.
      I feel like a pice of both of us died that night. The reason for him flat lining was that his heart had been punctured by one of his broken ribs.
I started to lose hope
Chapter 4:Downfall
      He still wasn't waking up and it had been about a week. They gave him about a month to live in his condition. His heart was barely working and he was cold. I was so scared that I didn't even move to eat or drink anymore.
      My parents were worried about me but they didn't try to fix me. They knew that I wouldn't move from that spot until he was able to come with me. They knew how I felt about him and that I would never truly tell him. They knew that I would never give up on him.
      “You need to eat,” the doctors would tell me.
   “I can’t because it won’t stay down,” was always my reply.
    I would just sit there and hold William`s cold hand. it's ironic that his hands were always warm and he would warm up my forever cold hands. I found myself warming his hands with mittens and hand warmers because I felt like he needed it.
     “I miss you,” I told him softly every time I woke up. It was always the same silence though. Everyday hope would slip away little by little. I felt completely numb and no one could make me feel better.
     On the few occasions that I did move, I would go to the gift shop. I bought him things that i thought he would enjoy and they covered his stand. The stand was covered in a collection of little stuffed cats and new band posters.
       He loved cats but he never got one.My father told me that he would allow me to get a kitten for him when he woke up. That promise made me happy and I imagined him being happy with a kitten. He would love it and it would have a great home.
The only problem was that he might never wake up.
Chapter 5:Hope
      I was sleeping when they came that night. They woke me up and spoke quickly of a death. The death they told me about was that of an organ donor. When he died his heart was healthy, so when they asked me if they can do a transplant my reply was fast and short.
       “Yes” I said as my heart sped up in my chest.
        He would live. That's all I could think. He will live to be happy. I watched how gentle they take him and a small smile creeped onto my face.
      “You'll make it William,” I whisper to myself
Chapter 6: Surgery
       They didn't bring him back for the night and I got scared. I thought maybe he didn't make it and I had lost him. Losing him would tear me apart and break my heart. My heart had already been broken at that point anyways. I was just stupid.
         I couldn't sleep as I waited for them to roll him back in. I don't even remember passing out and falling out of my chair. That's how they found me. I was curled up on the floor with drool in my face. They told me that I had been crying in my sleep when they found me.
        They told me about the complications he had and why it took so long. I found out that he would live but they didn`t know when he would wake up. He was such a mess just like me. We were both just big messes.
We would get better in time.
Chapter 7:Amnesia
         I waited for months. He was just out but at least he was okay. William was okay so I was okay. Everything would be okay. I told myself, that is until he woke up.
          The day he woke up was actually the first day of spring. It was sunny and the birds were chirping in the warm morning air. It was like one of those movies where everything was just happy and perfect. That day was complete opposite from the weather.
          He woke up and looked at me with dull blue eyes. His long black hair layed on his shoulders and he just looked peaceful as he looked out the window. Then he turned back to me. His first words shattered me.
          “Who are you,” He asked in a hoarse voice.
         “William it’s me, Julia….your best friend,” I told him with tears in my eyes.
        “Homeless boys don`t get friends but there’s this really cute girl in my class that I think wants to be my friend,” He smiled at the thought.
       “Whats her name,” I asked him softly.
       “Her name is Julia Lively,” He said happily. I just stared at him as my cheeks turned a deep shade of red.
      “How do you feel about her,” I asked him
       “I think I love her” he said quietly and I just sit there for a while.
  “I was that girl,” I say quietly and he just stared at me.
  “Prove it,” He grinned
  I pulled out my phone and showed him pictures. The pictures were from school, my room, or volunteering places. Some had our art in them, others had school events, and some were with the people we helped.
                             Slowly he started to remember.
Chapter 7:Admitting Love
     It was July fourth and my birthday. William had been out if the hospital for about a week. William had been doing great with remembering us and his eyes were back to the sapphire blue that I loved. He insisted on taking me somewhere so I let him.
      He drug me down the sidewalk and across  85th St Transverse and he lead me toward Central park. That smile of his hadn't left his face since we left. He stopped at the park entrance and smiled big at me.
      “This is the start of your hunt,” he grinned.
      “What are you talking about William,” I asked as he handed me a paper.
      “Solve the riddles to find the things that are waiting for you,” he hugged me then ran off.
      I read the riddles and explore the park. First I find a guitar that looked hand made. It was painted light pink with heart like music notes on it. The second was a charm bracelet with a guitar charm. The rest were charms except for the last four. I found a mug with a guitar handle on a tree branch. Then there was a guitar earrings with music notes dangling down  in a picnic The second from last was a ring that had a heart shaped sapphire stone in the silver metal. The last one has always been my favorite.
      “Look up high in the trees, a house for two is what you'll see, when you get there look for me, I may be hiding with a key, but you hold the key, soon you'll see,” I read out loud.
       I looked up at the trees and up ahead I noticed a tree house. It looked new compared to most of the other tree houses. the staircase spiraled up the tree and ended at an apartment sized tree house. I walked up the stairs and took a break at the top. I slipped off my shoes and got up after a while. I slowly opened the door and walked into the dark tree house and search of the light switch. I finally found the switch and flip it on. The room has white walls and a pink door at the opposite side of the room. I heard the low hum of ‘Hey There Delilah’ coming from behind the door. That`s always been one of my favorite songs and the occasion made it a song that I would always love.
        I walked to the door and slowly opened it. He was standing there with the biggest smile on his face. I can never get that smile out of my head. Even when my thoughts fade he`s still there with that smile. The smile that makes my heart pound so fast that I feel like my chest might burst.
        He hugged me closer than ever before. “I love you,” he whispered in a loving voice.
         “I love you too” I said really quiet. I was almost afraid he didn`t hear me but then he kissed me.
This was my last and favorite gift.
Chapter 8:Taken
         A few weeks later I was in the tree house alone while he was at work. I was working on a painting that he had started. I heard laughing outside but I ignored it because I thought it was just some kids playing a game.
        I didn’t even hear the footsteps over my music. When I  turned to the front door it was opened so I walked over and closed it. The door had a tendency to open on it’s own so I didn’t question why it was opened. I walked back and worked on the painting more.
         I felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought that it was William so I turned around with a big smile on my face bus that smile disappeared quickly. I didn't even have time to scream for help before the man put his hand over my mouth. His big hand nearly covered my entire face as I struggled to get away.
         I fought until I was breathless and covered in sweat. He just laughed at me struggling before he slammed my head into the wall. I don't know what happened after that because he had knocked me out cold.
That was the day my life changed for the worse.
Chapter 9:Broken
        I was put in a truck alone with only a tv. It took me a few hours to wake up and realize what was playing over the screen but once I found out my heart shattered. It was william. They had a camera hidden somewhere on him. From the angle of the camera it seemed to be hidden on his gages, the ones he always wore because they were from me.
       He walked into the treehouse and called for me before he turned the light on. The first thing he saw was the painting that I was working on but it wasn't the way it was before the man grabbed me. The picture had red splattered in the center and it had run down the wall.
      I felt the back of my head and it confirms my thoughts. My hair was hard with dried blood. None of this made sense. Why would someone take me? I never hurt anyone in fact I helped anyone I could. That makes the question mean even more.
     I watch William run his fingers over the dried blood and I see hair that was left behind. I left more behind than just my hair. I left him and my love.
     I can hear him. I can hear his breath get heavier and how spaced it is. I was never able to listen to him cry because it broke me. It broke every part of my heart and soul. Everytime he started to cry I would pull him close and calm him but I couldn’t this time because I caused it. I sat there and watched him sob as he called the police. Every second made me cry harder and harder.
     Everytime he saw my picture at the police station he would cry. He had to tell my parents which made it worse. Everyone was being asked questions and then a question sparked a memory in both mine and William’s memory. Brian Caster also known as my abusive ex boyfriend.
    “Is there anyone you know of that would want to hurt Mrs.Lively,” an officer asked William.
    “I only know of one person and you should already have a file on him. His name is Brian Caster and I know he was arrested a few months ago because he was beating her,” William explained.
    “Well then he`s our only suspect,” the officer said.
    “Then find her” he said quietly.
    I just watch them sadly and wish I could just comfort him. This was my fault. I was the reason he was hurting. This was also the reason I was hurting. Even though my head was pounding my heart hurt worse.
    After the police gave them the same go home and hope for the best excuse my parents took William to breakfast. Since they had spent all night at the station they were all pretty tired. From what I could tell William had actually fallen asleep on the table while they waited for their food.
   William had instinctively ordered chocolate chip  waffles because for the past few weeks that was what we shared for breakfast. When the waitress sat his plate on the table he started to cry and so did I.
   That`s when the door to the truck opened. This time it was not the man who took me. This time was Brian walking towards me. I stared at him sleepily as tears coated my cheeks. Brian pulled his phone out and dialed a number. Then he handed me a paper.
    “Read it or you die,” he growled and held a gun to my head along with his phone to my ear. I looked at the screen as I heard his phone ring and when I heard his voice it wasn’t only on the tv.
     “Hello? Who is this,” He sniffled.
      “Hello William. It`s Julia. I`m calling to to inform you that you have a month to find me. If you don't find me by then He will kill me and for each day I will be b,” my voice faltered as tears streamed down my cheeks more. Brian pistol whipped me and I yelped in pain before continuing. “I will be beaten and if the cops find me first I will die. Please save me William. I love you so much. Please find me,” I sobbed and Brian yanked the phone away.
      “You have exactly a month to this exact time. Good luck,” he growled and hung up.
      After that call he beat me and I watched William fall asleep on the way home. He had tried so hard to stay awake but I didn't blame him for sleeping because I slowly passed out too.
     I had nightmares that night of what would happen if I died. Would William even try to live if I were gone or would he slowly slip away from life? I didn’t want to find out anytime soon.
I didn’t want to die waiting for him.
Chapter 10:Deadline
 I watched him for weeks and it was finally within 24 hours of the deadline. He had been so close so many times but he never found me. Today he was the closest to me and all I could do was watch him wonder where I could be.
He had always been so close
Chapter 11:Closer
        He only had about 25 minutes left to find me and Brian had gotten ready. He had me tied down to a chair and his gone was pressed to my temple. We watch him search and he finally gets a hint at where I am.
Chapter 12:Hit
       He had a minute or let's say it was me who had a minute. That’s when Brian had a different plan. He untied me with a grin after putting a shock collar around my skinny neck. He felt up my boney sides then pushed me forward. He laughed when I fell.
    “Oh look your hero is here just a little bit too late” he chuckled as the timer went off. That's when we heard the door open and William walked in.
    Brian grinned and aimed the gun at William. “It was never you that I was going to kill,” Brian chuckled and William stared at me.
     “You don’t have to do this,” William said as he took a few steps towards me.
    “She’s mine I just have to get rid of you,” he said as his gun followed William.
    That’s when he decided to kill William and I just couldn’t let it happen. I used all my strength to stand in front of William. Nothing in my life mattered more than him so he was all I had to fight for. We heard running down the hall right as he fired anyways. They couldn’t stop this bullet though because they had to stop Brian.
   The bullet hit me in the chest but for the first time in my life I wasn't scared.
Chapter 13:Found
     The police took Brian down before I even started to fall. I didn’t even realize I was falling until I was in William's arms. He was holding me close to him as I slowly  fumbled to pull a paper out of my pocket.
    “I found them….,” I said weakly.
    “Who,” he asked as tears coated his cheeks.
    “Your parents,” I coughed up blood with my words.
    He gasped as I slowly gave him the paper. He picked me up and ran. As we got closer to the exit we heard sirens. My eyelids felt so heavy but I knew if I fell asleep it might have been the last time I saw William.
   “Please stay awake Julia….I love you so much. just please make it,” William told me as he put me on a gurney.
    The paramedics started to work on me instantly. I tried to find his hand but they pushed him away as they took me to the ambulance. They didn't even let him in the ambulance because he wasn't legally related to me. They put me under on the way to the hospital.
Chapter 14:Meeting Her
    I opened my eyes after what seemed like forever. There was a tube down my throat and I could barely move. I could hear people talking beside me but I wasn't strong enough to see who it was.
     “Julia would love to meet you when she wakes up” I heard William say in a sad voice.
    “I would be happy to meet her’” said a woman's voice
     William looked over and saw me. A smile formed on Williams face. He squeezed my hand and smiled more.
    “This is my mom Julia….She didn't mean to leave me,” he said as he looked at her.
    “It's nice to meet you….I'm sorry about the circumstances though” she says quietly
They talked to me until I passed back out
Chapter 15:Slowly leaving
    The doctors kept saying that they didn`t know if I was going to make it. I was getting better at staying awake but physically I was getting worse. They had finally taken the tube out of my mouth after a few weeks and replaced it with nasal cannula.
     “She can talk now. My beautiful girl can talk now,” William had said when they switched it over.
     “I love you,” I coughed.
     “I love you too,” He said as he ran his fingers through my knotted hair.
     After that we talked about our future even though I was dying as each day passed.His mom was there a lot and so were my parents. Each day it got harder to breath but I never let them know. The doctors all knew that I had a limited amount of time to live.
     To me it was all okay even though I was dying. I had reunited him with his mother and now he had two sets of parents that would always care for him. My parents promised me that they would still help him. In a way I was going to help him even after he lost me.
       One of the days William came in with a big smile. He was all dressed up and the doctors and William actually arranged for us to go to a restaurant. I hadn't been to a restaurant in well over two months.
       We were halfway through dinner when William stood up and went to the bathroom. I layed my head down and took deep breaths until he came back.
        “Hello everyone I'm sorry to interrupt your meals but I have something very important to do. You see that beautiful girl right there in the wheelchair and the oxygen tank,” William said with that smile again. “Well I’m losing her and I can’t let that happen without making her Julia Wolf,” He walked over to me and got on one knee. “Julia Lively I know you don't have much time left but Would you make me the happiest man by marrying me,” William asked as he looked up at me.
       “Yes” I smile brightly and and he hugged me as people cheered.
I was ready to die as Julia Wolf.
Chapter 16:Wedding
         A few days later we were married in the hospital courtyard. I was having more problems breathing than usual that day but I insisted that we have the wedding that day. I could tell that I wouldn't be strong enough to do it any other day.
      My dad pushed my wheelchair down the aisle. My white dress dragged the ground and my hair was all done in a fancy style. I wore my mother’s favorite necklace and the ring that I had gotten from William for my birthday. William had his black hair slicked back and he wore a black suit. The suit had a light pink flower in the front pocket.
      We said our vows and kissed. I was having breathing problems so it wasn't much of a kiss. William took me to the room that I had called home since I was shot.
      There were gifts for us there. We opened them and smiled happily. My parents had given us a small house in a calmer neighborhood. Most of the gifts would be his soon because I would be gone soon.
     I felt so weak that night and I think William knew what was happening. He kept telling me that he loved me the whole time and all I could do was lightly kiss him. All my vitals were slowly dropping and it was getting so hard for me to breath.
    “It’s okay to let go” William told me in a sad voice that cracked.
    “I…..don't….want….to….leave” I gasped as tears rolled down my cheeks.
    “Sweetie I can't stand to watch you fight anymore….I know you want to stay with me but I don’t want to watch you suffer anymore,” he was crying. “I forgive you. Thank you for everything you've done for me. Sweetie just go to sleep and if you wake up keep fighting but if you don't just know that I`ll never replace you. You’ll always be on my mind and I plan on having your child even if it cost a lot of money. I want a child to tell how amazing their mom was and how much she sacrificed for the ones she loved. I will never stop loving you” he said as he gave me one last kiss. I made it last as long as possible but after a few seconds I just couldn`t breath.
     “I….love….you….William” those were my last words.
     William held me close and sang my favorite song softly until I peacefully fell asleep. He just held me until my weak and tired body failed to work. The doctors tried their hardest but I was already gone. I even saw a few of them cry.
     There was a nurse that was a close friend of mine that promised to love William for me. That night she decided to carry mine and William`s child.
I sat beside him as he cried and even though I was free I would stay by his side.
Chapter 17:Funeral
    As I sit here at my funeral and listen to everyone talk I realize how much I actually helped. There are so many people that I helped through the years. Everyone keeps saying that I died before I lived and in a way they’re right. I didn't even make it to the legal drinking age but I feel like every day with William was enough to say I lived.
   I watch as William walks up with notecards but then he pauses and throws them away.
 “You know what she was the bravest, smartest, and most beautiful girl I’ve ever known. She's gone because someone thought it would be okay to play a sick game. She fought so hard for everything she believed in and now she's gone. I loved her with all my heart and I will never love anyone the same unless it’s our child. She told me how much she dreamed of having her own child but now she’ll never get that chance because of me. She was taken because of me and she took that bullet for me. Why did she have to be one of the only people that went by unnoticed! She didn’t ever take time for herself….She…. was everything that anyone could ask for. She just fought till the end she even made us all believe that she was okay but she couldn’t breath even with the oxygen. She was strong so that no one would worry. I saw when she would lay there in that bed and gasp for air everyday. No one seemed to care that she was slowly slipping away. I noticed her efforts to make everyone think she was okay….That`s why she refused to postpone the wedding because she knew that she couldn’t fight anymore. I finally told her that she could slip away if you wanted and I don't blame her because she was suffering. I couldn't watch her suffer anymore because I loved her” William has tears roll down his cheeks the whole time.
Everyone was silent for the rest of the funeral
Chapter 18:Guardian Angel
    I follow William as he cleans up all my things and packs it away. He just keeps putting my things in boxes that will go to the new house. He looks at all of our paintings and sighs. He puts everything into a moving truck.
    When he gets to the house he sets up a room with all of my things. He doesn't even bother unpacking before he starts a painting. I watch him sadly. I wish I could just help with the painting but I can`t.
I`ll just have to make sure he doesn't get hurt
I'm his guardian angel.
Comment if you want me to post alternate endings for the story and I would love to see a review on it


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  • March 7, 2016 - 11:11am (Now Viewing)

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  • FantasyWriter

    .......this is beautiful ...........I almost cried YOU ALMOST MADE ME CRY HOW GOOD OF A WRITER ARE YOU "that was a compliment btw :) "

    almost 3 years ago