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March 7, 2016

Haley Engwer
Language and Literature
November 19, 2015
College fees
Do you think that College is too expensive? Well,  the price for College should be cheaper because some people might really want to go to College but the only way they can go is to get a scholarship because they can't afford it.
  Colleges should be less money because some people don’t get to go to college because they can’t afford it. This boy is just one example,  he says ‘His parents were supportive, but with two other kids in College, the $24,000 tuition was more than they could afford.” ( And some people after College still have a debt to pay.) people are still paying for college even after they are done with College. Salvador Dali stated Intelligence without ambition as a bird without wings. In other words this means you you don’t want to learn, then it’s like a bird not wanting to fly.
Houle is another example.  He found out...Among those who incurred student loan debt, Houle found that on average young adults from middle-income backgrounds, whose families earned between $40,000 and $59,000 annually, left school with over $6,000 more in student loan debt than their low-income peers whose families made less than $40,000 per year. People should be able to go to college no matter what. Heather Bemgham states (stay focused and never give up, in other words this means if you stay focused you will succeed and to never give up.)
Some people are saying that they can’t go because of grades and because it’s too much money. Stephanie says when you go to College, you have to leave your family and your dog and go far, far away like Steve did." Therefore,  the price for college should be cheaper because some people might really want to go to College but the only way they can go is to get a scholarship because they can't afford it.
        Some people may say “It is expensive but you are going to learn and you are also staying in dorms. some people eat their food too, so you are also paying for that. They should also still have to pay to go. Then it wouldn’t be fair to other kids if they had to pay and someone else didn’t unless they get a scholarship”.you are doing those things and I agree that they should still have to pay, it should be less money for those things so people can still go and be able to at least afford some of it and then be able to pay some over the year.
   In conclusion, students will still be able to go to College and get the education that they should get.  Also that people will lower the price so students don't have to pay as much as they do now.

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