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Scholarships for Low Income Students

March 7, 2016

College gives students great opportunities it would be a shame if some students can’t go even if it is their dream. Some students aren’t able to go to college because their families can’t afford it. That’s why colleges should give out more scholarships to students that are intelligent and live in low income families. There are programs that can help, most of these students are excellent workers and the students do want to go to college.
One thing that is helping these students is that there is a group for students with lower income families that help them get a scholarship. The US Newswire stated that “the Gates Millennium Scholars Program (GMS)  has awarded good-through-graduation college scholarships to 1,000 students from low-income families. The scholarships can be used at the colleges or universities of their recipients' choice,” (Largest Minority Scholarship Program Welcomes Tenth Anniversary Class.) In this article, US Newswire stats that many of these students do get a lot of help and can graduate from this group. This statement shows that special groups for these students can really help them get scholarships. This is important because these students get into the college they want with the scholarships they will get from being in this group.
    Another thing is that most of the students in GMS do graduate and go to the college they want to. The US Newswire also stated that “Gates Millennium Scholars recipients have an average graduation rate of almost 80 percent, higher than the graduation rate for all college students, and higher than the rate for high-income students,”(Scholarship Program Continues to Remove Barriers to Higher Education for Minority Students.) This statement shows that many of these students work hard to graduate and get where they want. The article even says that students in the GMS have a higher graduation percentage than those who are in regular high school.
    One last thing is that all of the students are very intelligent but their families just don’t have the money to pay for them to pursue their dreams. The US Newswire stated that “ With this support, these students will be able to attend any college or university of their choice without the financial burden which can often prevent many highly qualified young people from pursuing a college education,”(Scholarship Program Continues to Remove Barriers to Higher Education for Minority Students.) This statement says that these students do get to go to college from the help of the GMS and that they are eligible to go to college.  
    Even with this evidence, there are still many people that think these students don’t work hard enough and just think the scholarships are a waste of money. According to the article “The GMS scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated academic achievement in the classroom and shown leadership skills through service to their communities.” This statement does show that the students that earn the scholarships are hard workers. This statement proves that these students want to be there and go to college and aren’t just some people that are forced into it.
    In conclusion colleges should give more scholarships to students who comes from a low income family. All the students try hard and work for everything. These students really want this and want to live their dreams. College will give them great opportunities and they will be happy with what they do.  
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