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syrian refugee crisis

March 8, 2016

Hayden Darling
Karin Hogen
Language and Literature
november 19, 2015

Syrian Refugees World Crisis
I strongly believe that the U.S. and Europe need to help Syrians escape war in their home country. Syrians are being forced to leave their homes due to war, it’s inhumane to reject them. Europe must help these people and give them food and/or a place to stay or welcome them.
Syrians were forced to leave their country, they didn’t choose to leave. Assad's bombing campaigns are pushing Syrians away from Syria. Syria is a war zone and is impossible to live in as of now. According to Piper Perabo, “These people didn't want to leave Syria; but until the war ends, there is no way to survive there.” Perabo’s point is that Syria is unlivable due to the wars that are going on. This shows that we can’t blame syrians for trying to emigrate to it’s surrounding countries.
    Syrians need help leaving their country. “Four people were rescued. Eleven people, including six infants, drowned on Sunday when their boat capsized off the island of Samos, trapping them in the cabin. There were near-gale-force winds blowing in the Aegean Sea on the weekend.” (Tom Miles) In other words Syrians are dying trying to escape death in their own country. It’s morally wrong not to give them sanction in Europe. This is an important piece of information because this gives all of the surrounding countries every reason to help the Syrians.
    The U.S. and Europe could help in many various ways. They could help the Syrians escape the conflict or simply make it safe for them in Syria so they don’t have to move. According to Trevor Thrall we should “establish a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors where the United States could both protect civilians from Assad’s bombing campaigns and keep them from having to flee the country.” In other words Thrall thinks it would be most effective to establish a no-fly zone over Syria which would protect them from Assad's bombing campaigns. This would allow Syrians to live safely in Syria and not have to move away from home. Such a statement proves that the U.S. could easily help.
    Even in light of this argument people believe we don’t need to help the Syrians because they never did anything for us when we were attacked by terrorists. In other words many people think it’s a waste of money and time. Martin Matishak said “Still, a $1 billion price tag for 100,000 migrants, a figure that could easily double if Kerry’s plan goes into effect, is likely to be met with sticker shock by some lawmakers on Capitol Hill.” Matishak thinks we don’t need to waste money trying to save the Syrians.
    However this logic is completely wrong and unjust. Firstly it’s wrong to just leave the problem be and not do anything when we could easily help them and don’t have many reasons not to. It’s inhumane to let innocent people starve to death trying to escape war or let them be trapped in their homes knowing that they will die. America and Europe need to help Syrian people during these tough times.
Not only could Europe easily let the Syrians find refuge in Europe. America could also help by establishing a no-fly zone over Syria. This would then prevent the terrorist attacks and overall solve the problem.

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