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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

i'm 19 now so i got like half a year left on here. so here's some other places you can find me!
tumblr: luxaofhesperides (main), aikatxt (writing), blossomvnk (writeblr)
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girl gone goddess

March 9, 2019


i. i don't touch you.

ii. always in the distance;
that's where your silhouette finds home.
                                                with me.
i search out into the horizon, blinded by the light and wonder where you disappear to.

iii. divinity means untouchable
but it rarely means immortal.
i watched you die and come back time after time;
still you, just in a different body.

iv. the choir sings hymns but i only hear you;
songbirds weep in envy when you sing.
barely in your orbit
                and yet you still keep me
                        from drifting
                                                                         a w a y
but you don't see me

and maybe it's better that way.

v. i kissed you.

vi. they put you in the stars where i cannot follow.
though the world prays to me,
i am helplessly mortal when you're around;
there's a reason why we cannot love.

i've never been good at following the rules.
just a warmup cause i havent written in a month :]


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  • paperbird

    iv is the best part, i think... there’s something achingly beautiful about the picture of angel choirs and space-like orbits... just masterful.

    8 months ago