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Equal Pay for Women

March 7, 2016

Equal Pay for Woman
If the U.S. is a free and equal country, then why are women getting less money while doing the same jobs as a man?  Men and women should get paid an equal amount of money for the same job for all jobs everywhere around the country. The senate should pass a law to equal the rights of men and women when it comes to jobs.
    The first reason that we need to give equal pay to women who do the same job as men has to do with judging women because people think they should stay at home and clean, cook, etc. As Katie Bardaro stated, "In a lot of ways it paints a more negative picture for women, because even in these jobs where women are paid more, the difference is so small." People should agree with this quote because some jobs women may get paid more than men but it is a very small difference compared to how much more a man could earn then a women. This matters because if the citizens are a free and equal country, shouldn’t that be the same when it comes to getting paid when doing a jobs?
The second reason that women do not get equal pay as men while working is people do not give us the freedom we need and deserve in our daily lives. As the author of The rights and freedoms of Americans said, “If people don’t think we are equal, they won’t live here”. Americans should agree with this quote because if we as Americans are not fair to people that live here, they will not want to live here. In other words people will leave, business will go out and people will get unemployed. Such a statement can say so much but also can be a very small thing to think about. In this case it is a small idea in a bigger problem of the U.S.
My last reason the women should get equal rights as men is that men are usually “the boss” of the household. Researchers stated that 40% of “the bosses” in households are women, that is almost half of all homes. Most people think women are less trained but really a women do anything a man can do, people just underestimate the skills women have. One can see that we need to be more far when it comes to paying women, just because we have freedom and rights doesn’t mean we should use them against the women race.
Despite this evidence, some people still think that men are much more advanced in any jobs since they have the opportunity to work longer than women. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), “if equal pay for women were instituted immediately, across the board, it would result in an annual $447.6 billion gain nationally for women and their families. Over fifteen years, a typical woman loses $499,101 due to pay inequity.” In other words if we gave women equal pay right now, they would gain money instead of losing money towards family, school, work, etc. This shows that women can be equal if we just figure stuff out, the world could be fair to everyone.
    There are many pros and some cons of equal pay for jobs. But we should make things fair or else who would want to live here? I certainly wouldn’t. People need these rights for our own good in a daily basis. In conclusion, women work just as hard as any other person in the world, we just need to give them a chance to us they can make a difference. Americans don’t give them time, we go along with everyone else and say they don’t deserve it. Stop thinking why should everyone let them and think why not?
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  • Emily K. 1

    I really liked your article! Try mentioning a fact from the other side of the argument so that readers can see that you are not completely biased. But I really liked your balance of facts, quotes, and explanation. Your article was very eye- opening and provided a lot of facts that I don't think many people are aware of.

    about 3 years ago