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Everyone says I talk too much, but I'd like to say I'm a storyteller.

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I hope to someday give someone else a home in my words the same way I found a home.

yell at me

March 25, 2020


yell at me                       
tell me to listen              
don't let me explain      
when I try to clarify             
don't let me utter a word     
because i'm interrupting   
You yell                             
i don't understand               
i could never understand 
keep yelling at me         
just keep thinking of      
all that You could blame me for  

tell me i never listen      
when I was Your tape     
so You could talk to someone 
 but You never played side B  

tell me i disappoint You         
and that i'm not good enough  
and say that i can't commit     
so clearly it's all my fault      
all my fault   
all mine 
all me       

I've been doing everything  
late nights and always alone 
but I was still there for you 
so you wouldn't be alone 
so don't stop yelling at me
put the shell close to your ear 
so you can know that I'm gone 
you're listening to the sea


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1 Comment
  • Sylenceher

    Amazing. Beautifully written!

    5 months ago