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March 9, 2015

Teenagers are part of a group of social butterflies that follows the latest trends. A part of these social antics is the Selfie, a self potrait taken by ones self. The selfie can be seen as a self obsessed habit. This is not the case. The selfie is just another harmless way of people expressing themselves, to show the rest of the general public that they are who they are. It is a self expression which helps to radiate self confindence. The selfie is a part of a new generation which is thriving with unique, expressive teens. 

The selfie is a reinvented self portrait for the new generation. This new Self condident generation have a boost of self worth and are powering through with the world with a new force. Today's society seems very much obsure to many years ago, with our once traditional ways to the new technology driven force. The selfie is not so new and different to what is thought, but in fact is a hip reinvention of the self portait. The famous great artisits that once roamed this earth, such as Vincent Van Goh, began creating self portraits that are now a part of some of the most famous collections of paintings ever.  This innovintave way of the self illustration, creates a method so everyone can be an artist. Different cliques can manifest in their own dream land without being judged. Today's self portait is very easy with just the click of a button. 

Selfies are another way of boosting self confidence and self esteem. It alows people to express their individuality without being judged. With just a 'double tap' on instagram, young people can find their own self confidence. Although the 'like button' appears to be somewhat pointless, to young pupils it is very important. It is a virtual compliment that has been installed in everyone's lives. Self confidence helps produce a radiating group of individuals that take pride in themselves and their work. If the selfie helps produce self confidence and pirde, is it really that absurd? 

Self confindence achieves a generation of super hero's ready to take on the hard hitting battles of a judgmental society. It gives them the mature mentality to successeed in work, school and their passionate aspirations. With a successful cohort of teenagers the world can carry on to be a beaming civilisation that can conqure anything. With the striving self expressions teenagers are able to find their niche. 

The Selfie not only mass produces young work horses with a bundle of self confidence, but it also provides memories which many of us forget to capture. It could be the time you were on a holiday, at a birthday or even showing individual growth. It creates a timeline of our precious lives which can easily evapourate into nothing. Everyone only has one life, why is it an important issue to dwell on something so harmless, that by discouraging could destroy someones persona on life? The selfie creates those precious memories with friends, family, pets and even the smaller moments that can be so easily taken for granted. By taking away those little special things in life, it can produce an army of more assertive driven teens than what already exits. Selfie's are an important part of keeping memories, because of the now very busy and controversal lives we live. 

With a photo album of memories that shows the illuminaiting, confidence out look, it also shows the expressive chapters in our lives that is abducted by each persons individuality. The world would be very dull without colour, much like it would be with originality. If originality did not exist the world would consist of mindless sheep with no innspiration to achieve anything. A world where people walked in straight lines, ate the same food, had the same hair colour, wore the same clothes and even had the same values and beliefs would be very mirrored. One life after the next on a constant round about on not knowing how to change would be a very strange world. People with different hair colour, religeon, values, clothing and culture creates our multi-cultural harmonised world that there today. With our originality the world would have no order, everyone would have the same jobs and have the same personality which would lead to personality battles all because people were given no right to express themselves. Selfie's help express this originality, otherwise we might as all well be living like everyone from the movie "The Giver" where no feelings are mean't to be felt and personalities aren't meant to shine. Selfies can change someone's mood in an instant. 

The selfie is a self confidant booster to help launch young pupils into a hard hitting, judgemental society. They are a way that everyone can be an artist and feel special. It helps create a timeline of our lives that are so precious and can easily vanish into a dull world where no one can be original. It is apart of a modern world and should be accpeted in all ways. The Selfie is revonlutionary.  

 Thesis - The selfie is just another harmless way of people expressing themselves, to show the rest of the general public that they are who they are. It is a self expression which helps to radiate self confindence. The selfie is a part of a new generation which is thriving with unique, expressive teens. 

Introduction - 

  • Introduce the idea that the selfie is harmless, boosts self confidence and helps to express and indivdual

Argument 1 - 

  • The selfie is harmless
  • is just a modern day self potrait
  • boosts self confidence

Argument 2 - 

  • helps to express an individual 
  • individuals help create the world, other wise we would be all sheep
  • individuality helps produce confidence and good skills 
  • time line of someones life 

Possible argument 3 - 

  • is a part of social media
  • social media helps people to communicate
  • selfies are a way of communicating through expression 
  • makes people smile 

Conclusion - 

  • sum up points 
  • restate thesis 


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