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Good day, future legend!
Today's struggle, tomorrow's strife-
all essential components of your origin story.
You, forged for greatness. Go!
- Lin Manuel Miranda

How Fortunate Am I

April 7, 2019


My grandfather is the cornerstone
Of an already crumbling building

A grandmotherly cornerstone with a twisted drink in his hand
A smiles-with-his-eyes but not his mouth cornerstone
My pinkie around their finger cornerstone

Does everyone have a cornerstone such as mine?
With hair the color of sea salted wind
A cough rough like sandpaper
And a laugh like smooth river stones?

How fortunate am I to have such a cornerstone
Who tells stories that hang in the air like mist
Who nuzzles liquid tolerance in their glass every evening
Who listens to the stars as they fall from their nest above
How fortunate am I

How fortunate am I


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