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I was crying while writing this. I hope you all find friends like @acrosstheskysky. And @acrosstheskysky, thank you so much.
~Julius Caesar
P.S next week is the ides of March :D

Relationship Roses

March 8, 2019

Obviously, upon first thought I wanted to write about my mom and my aunt and my cousins. But in order to keep my love for them all equal, I'm going to think outside of the box for the person in my life who has impacted me the most. 

Her name to you is acrosstheskysky. You all know her as a writer and a beautiful one at that. But to me, she is something more. 

She's my closest friend, the artist who I like the most and one of the people I've met who's inner beauty matches her outer beauty. She's been by my side since the beginning of sixth grade. We were stand partners for 3 years in band- and if I'm not mistaken, that's where our bond started. Aside from that, I remember one time we were in the same math team (a team of three in which our two desks were separated and the other person was a different island) and we created our own little island with "The Bog" labeled by a sticky note in the corner of the room. 

I remember in 7th grade when we were stand partners again. You were third chair and I was fourth. Because of that, we started to have hushed conversations right under our conductor's nose. Back then, it would be silly things. Light things. Small talk that helped the plant that was our relationship continue to grow. 

I remember 8th grade. You sat on the other half of our lunch table. I remember once when we all split a pack of Pocky sticks. I also remember when you "adopted" a child only for her to be too wild for your control. I took her in as my own out of sympathy only to realize now that you were right. She's a wild violist that needs to be controlled. That aside, remember our DC trip? We roomed together with two other people. And I'm so glad I roomed with you guys and not the other people who were considering taking me in. Remember how we ate pizza on the bed and how I ended up dropping some sauce? Remember when the room service didn't receive our tip and we ended up spreading it all over the TV so they would take it? Those were good times.

And eventually marching season rolled around mid-July. Marching band nurtured that relationship even further. Our relationship plant was starting to bloom. We spent our entire week of band camp (aside from the marching and training etc. etc.) either laying sprawled and tired reading out Buzzfeed quiz results to one another and eating food or talking about our life experiences and how our summers had gone. It was then, now that I think about it, that I realized that you were the friend in which I could comfortably spend time with in silence. I didn't need to actively engage with you all the time. I just needed to be in your presence and I'd feel safe because you're genuine.

Now, you're helping me through so much, even though we're not stand partners anymore, nor do we see each other much through the vast expanse that is our school. I've spent so much time crying in your arms, telling you what I was facing, what worried me, what I needed help with. And it's not even just sad things (because we really don't want to focus on those). There's also us talking about the Umbrella Academy or how season 8 of Voltron was a failure. Us discussing tumblr art and so many other things that made life worth living.

Our friendship is a blooming flower among the concrete walls of our school. Everywhere, you can see fake relationships, fake personalities, fake smiles. But when I'm with you sharing the experience of high school, I know I can trust you and that you trust me back. And on this International Woman's Day, I choose to honour you because honestly, I'm too shy to say this in person without crying. Not only that, but I don't want to be bias with my relatives... 

So thank you, @acrosstheskysky for being my shoulder to lean on, my fellow fangirl, and my band camp roommate because if we didn't help each other throughout the lows in our lives, we wouldn't be the friends that we are today. 


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  • Quinn M.

    who is this "adopted child" I see here

    over 1 year ago
  • acrosstheskysky

    i---alkdjfhksjdfh,,,aw :(( thank u so much
    you mean the same to me and i'm so glad i ended up playing flute in band instead of clarinet. ahh we have so many memories together...i remember at first you were a friend of a friend and then at the beginning of 6th grade, on meet the teacher/your desk day, your nametag was next to mine. after that we grew closer from sharing so many classes and interests. you've helped me through things i am always willing to help you through things. this year has been a lot tougher than middle school, but we're getting through it and we're closer than ever >:) i'm so glad we're friends.

    over 1 year ago