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White Bear Lake Water Levels

March 7, 2016

Paige C. Shafer
Karin Hogen
Language and Literature
19 November 2015
White Bear Lake Water Levels
White Bear Lake. Seems like a great place. It’s one of the most popular cities in Minnesota. You can do so many things here. You can go to Downtown White Bear and go shopping like it’s a mall. You can go to the well known ice cream/food stand called Cup n’ Cone. Like every average city, They have problems and the kind of problem we face is our lakes water levels. How can we fix this problem?
    The first concerning reason about White Bears’ lakes are their Water levels. Their causing problems with homes that are right on the lake and their grass gets all wet and muddy. Matt Sepic exclaims, “Water levels in White Bear Lake seem to be on the upswing after falling to a record low in early 2013. People who live near the northeast Twin Cities lake, however, remain concerned about its recovery.” (Matt Sepic) In other words, People are concerned about having to deal with their homes being right by shore and dealing with water coming close and almost to their homes. If this is true, you can read in the article of people's opinions and concerns about the water levels.
      Secondly, people’s docks are starting to rust and becoming underwater. Docks are not cheap and I bet those people are not happiest because of that. Matt Sepic claims “The lake hit a record low of 919 feet above sea level in January 2013 but was pegged at 922 feet last summer and is nearing that mark again, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.” (Matt Sepic) With the claims of other people they are just saying that they don’t want to deal with moving their docks when it cost so much money just to put down a dock. In all, Water levels are just to crazy and we need to do something about so people don’t lose their money.
Thirdly, Buildings have to be shortened because of all the water and it overflowing into where the buildings/jobs are. Now with jobs you can’t just stop when you're so far through the business. "The issue of the low water level has become a major concern to the White Bear Lake Conservation District, local communities, businesses, citizens of the region and regional government over the last several years," it read. (Debra Neutkens) With this claim, people without a businesses are even concerned because of their favorite restaurant on the lake is now gone because of the waters levels.
With the ideas of people's opinions on what to do for the lakes, McNeely with talk about them. “McNeely, though, credits that recent rise to more rainfall. Not less pumping. He says he and his neighbors are doing their best to conserve water by using low-flow toilets and showerheads and not watering lawns, but he doesn't believe it's a long-term fix. McNeeley wants the cities around White Bear Lake to switch from groundwater to river water.” (Matt Sepic) With this claim, McNeely wants the best for everyone. Here are my reasons are correct, 1. I read and listened to the audio recording of it. 2. I checked over the website and was seeing if the information was credible, it was.

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“Water Rising Again in White Bear Lake, but Will It Stay?” Water rising again in White Bear Lake, but will it stay? Web. 17 Nov. 2015. <>


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