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to myself.

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twin sisters

March 8, 2019



Complexity, the greatest of goddess, stumbles and struts onto the scene, in black dresses, the colour of milt and milk, the guiltless, vixen thing, and she cries out, like a lark, like a whip, like a choirs and she says those words, of helpless voices grown loud and bashing, the gentle thrash of truth, crushing your skin, the crackle of bones in breakage, and you understand the interconnectedness, in molecule and cell, and Complexity is still speaking in oscillations, permutations, the warping of air into waves into eardrums down nerves and twixt brain-  

And paradox holds your neck, croons, caresses, then whispers-

“She’s too stupid to keep it simple.”
victorian vs modernist. 


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