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My Choice is my Life

March 8, 2019

    I see it in the mirror, on the news, in the papers even when i'm shopping. How come when I watch the news and the woman from the 'hood' appears on t.v she's always in worst appearance? Why is there still a report about 'the police and black guy'? How come in 2013 there were less latin american men in prison yet they're the ones targeted? Why is it easier for a man to get recognized for his achievements than some women? If you can celebrate Groundhog Day why not Juneteenth? Why when a black man applies to Harvard and Howard with a SAT score of 1594 out of 1600 he gets a scholarship to Howard but not Harvard? Why is there a statue of Adolf Hitler, a man who killed orchestrated World War II and the Holocaust that killed at least 40,000,000 people and targeted the Jewish men, women and children? 
     A few of the questions that crossed my mind and i'm 11. I'm a girl who knows if you're ever driving in the 'wrong side of the city' keep both your hands on the dashboard, flat where they can see them, answer 'yes', 'no' or just a straight, clear answer and never test fate. This wasn't taught it I just picked it up.
       Nowadays problems like these are ignored and we end learning about it the hard way. Sometimes from our favourite t.v shows or a book. Sometimes we completely forget those problems and with that part our culture; part of ourselves. As much as some of these topics would like to be forgotten sometimes addressing a few can feel like an apology of some kind.
          I got a higher national overall test average than all the students in my school, so why does a boy with the highest male average in class have the same number of awards as one of the top 1,000 award winners out of estimated 40,000, a girl. 
        Each story has a different chapter that makes it up. Whether you have one side that you think is just I will always have my side. Because this is how I've learnt how to see things. The world is a big place with over seven billion people as well as over seven billions minds. There is never just one way to see something or someone. 
       In the 1950's a girl could either be fat or skinny. Now we're either curvy, too skinny, slim, too tall, too short, too muscular, chubby, fat, overweight or not curvy enough. There is no such thing as a perfect human being, so how can there be a perfect girl. We are all born the way in which we are expected to make the most impact. 
       Just because there's one Muslim gang doesn't every Muslim is part of a gang. If a black man is in jail doesn't they all should be in jail. When one Asian scams doesn't mean they all do. Just because a skinny girl wins a beauty pageant doesn't mean no other type of girl can. 
       Why are problems from  as long as over four hundred years ago still causing so much pain, so much damage and so much negativity. 
         Life is a choice. It is like clay, we have to mold it in the best way we can to turn it into something beautiful and worth remembering. I'll admit this though, not everyone gets the same clay. Sometimes others may get hard,tough clay that takes a bit longer to mold than others, or some may be handed the best clay money can buy. In either, and all cases what you choose do with. 
        No one can say that our environment is just our neighbourhood or our local town. Because it will always be part of a much bigger picture. Whether we're in the past, the present or even the future, we have to be the ones look around from every point of view and mold our lives in the best way possible. 
     On the spin-off show 'Grown-ish' it was said that our biggest problem is that we get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It means we can never accept differences, when really we're all different in at least a hundred different ways.

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  • HeyThereRose

    This is amazing, especially if you are only 11! It really made me think about problems in today's society, well done! Welcome to WtW!

    over 1 year ago