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My Life as a Twin

By: Stewart Worthington

Hello reader, my name is Gen. It's very nice meet you and thank you for reading this piece. Before I begin I should inform you of something. You probably, definitely don't know that I am one of two. That is a pair I mean, a pair of twins. I am the younger one of the both of us by a time of 20 seconds and she'll never let me forget it. As I've grown up and met new people I've been asked approximately 48 times, "Do you like being a twin?" I normally vary my answer depending on who is asking. My answers are usually positive (depending on my mood), as I’ve never really pondered about the negative. So reader, I’m not is actually sure how this piece will turn out so I apologise for possible boredom. Again, thank you for reading and here is what I feel passionate about, my life as a Twin.

My twin and I share a room, I’m not the left and she’s on the right. However, from time to time we’ll swap for one night and don’t tell her this but her bed is the most comfortable piece of furniture you could ever find. Despite this she sleeps like a log on it every night. Literally like a log. She doesn’t move. It frightens me when I have my routinely middle of the night wake up, and I go over to see if I still am a twin. Besides this I don’t mind sharing a room. Sometimes we’ll stay up gossiping and I can go through her clothes draws without her knowing. However, ten minute tidy up is when I’m not a fan of the old room sharing. Definition of ten minute tidy up: When we’re lounging about on a Saturday afternoon, my father will announce that it’s time for a ten minute tidy up and sing its coupling theme song: “Ten minute tidy up, work as a team. TEN MINUTE TIDY UP!” We all grown, but I think it’s quite catchy. That’s when we argue about who’s is what to pack up, but you know, what are sisters for? Normally, I’m a sleep before her and awake before her but there’s not an exact routine. On school mornings, I sometimes come over and pull her covers off to get up. Word of advice, don’t pull someone’s covers off on a school day. That reminds me, school. We go to the same school and are obviously in the same grade, but not at all same classes. This was a change from primary school as we were together 24 hours a day, but now we don’t even have HPE together. This because she participates in Music and Drama, whereas I am a Business and French type of person. It’s quite sad, I would like to have her in my class. She would always protect me for others and could always help with my homework. It’s a bummer, but I have to move on as I am avoiding your boredom.

At lunches, we sit together. Not just us, we have a lovely group of friends. If you were thinking it was just us at lunch reader that would be extraordinarily odd. We don’t thoroughly interact at lunches as she is slightly more talkative than I am, which is something I love about her is. This has qualified her as an absolute master as making friends. I think if she walked past every girl in our grade and said hello she would get an answer back with her name and a bonus smile. We talk in the afternoon after school though, as twins should. Normally about our days, encouraged by our older sister. My older sister is two years older that Bernie and I and has always said she loves being our older sister. To continue, our Mum then comes to pick us up and our Dad will either be at home waiting for us or we go and pick him up. My parents are extremely capable to take care of twins. They balance our timetables, necessities and dramas both at an equal level and love as both at those levels to. They are genuinely loving and we are always reminded that they adore having us twins (and our older sister). I love my family and am glad that there is a pair of twins as I think the dynamic would be totally different.

I have now taken you through my personal life as a twin, as should probably now address some other points that have come up as I’ve grown up. Firstly, my birthday. Twin birthdays aren’t a big deal when you’re little, there’s a cake, there’s the song, you’re happy. But as one grows older, parties come into play. Parties where people need to be invited. Here there is a long discussion of it’s a small or large party, who is a close enough friend to be invited or how one should avoid someone who is not invited. This is normal for anyone singular birthday, but for a double birthday it gets a bit complicated. As my birthday is very soon, I’m preparing for action. Additionally, the awful stereotypes. Luckily, my twin sister and I agree on this awful action of the human race. And I know I am but sorry for over reacting, reader. This mostly seen on TV shows and movies and it gets on our nerves. So my dearest, dear reader, if you’re involved with the television or film industry please put an end to this madness (such as, “It’s like they’re the same person!” Grrrr). Anyway, reader, I’m not exactly finished but I’ve almost hit my mark. I hope I didn’t cause you any boredom, and I’m sorry if I did. I guess there really wasn’t a point to this piece, but here is one that has no relation to what I’ve written, but still is very true. I love my wonderful twin sister, because she is actually what I’m passionate about

Message to Readers

Hello! I'd love any comments, ideas or advice on this piece and all is appreciated. I hope you enjoy my piece and thank you for reading!

Peer Review

I like how you gave a background about yourself in the introduction. It gives the reader more of a connection to the piece. I've have always wondered the same question that twins inevitably are asked, "do you like being a twin?" As someone who knows a few pairs of twins, it is interesting to find out what your opinion was on having a twin.

The main argument here is that having a twin can be fun with only a few minor disadvantages such as parties and stereotypes. If you don't think about the negative things often, there will be hardly any to think of.

I like your use of emotion and especially how you ended with, "I love my wonderful twin sister, because she is actually what I'm passionate about." It gave me a sense of how close you felt to each other. I also like your use of humor and definition of a "ten minute tidy up" because it was a specific experience you've had.

I would have taken out the part in your introduction that your piece could have led to boredom. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was not bored. I believe that taking that out will make the piece stronger instead of you telling the reader they could become bored. In addition, while the use of statistics may be hard to incorporate here, maybe you could add a statistic about how many people like having a twin if possible. Quotes from other twins may also convince me further.

I would add more paragraph breaks or add transitions between paragraphs so there are clear reasons for the advantages and disadvantages of twins. There is also no clear conclusion even though you wrapped up the piece nicely. You have a lot of good evidence of why having a twin would not work out so well, but also things you enjoy doing together.

You have a great piece of writing! Just remember to check over your piece for style and grammar. I would only fix a few things because your writing is already very great. Fixing mistakes to an already great piece of writing will be of hardly any trouble!

Reviewer Comments

I found some sentences that I have highlighted that were worded a tad confusing. Maybe you could make them easier to understand. You have a great piece of writing that explains both sides of the argument, very strong!