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"Today's air quality is mauve and speckled."
"Time is weird. So is space. I hope ours match again someday."
-Welcome to Night Vale

Message to Readers

Contest time once again lmao.


March 12, 2019


SO! I decided that I wanted to do a contest because a) I like entering them so I thought you would too and b) I want to read more works because I've been *singsong voice* slacking!!  (note: this is a republish because i have noticed that we're all more active in the nighttime. Even me....)

Without further ado, here's the prompt: *insert drum roll here*
Write and fully describe an emotion. 

If you're writing about fear, make me afraid. If you're writing about anger, make me angry. If you're writing about sadness, make me cry. If you want to write about happiness, make me happy!! (I'm sure you get the idea at this point.)


Obviously, there has to be a plot twist, because we never thought that Brutus was going to stab his leader lmao. So, here it goes: you have to demonstrate this emotion through personification. (If you don't know what it is just look it up) Make it as human as possible. Make it a character. I want to experience this emotion through a person's POV. 

Here are the rules:

-Word Count 100-600
-No genre (obviously cos they're ~emotions~)
-Write in any format (By which I mean any kind of poetry, flash fic, short stories etc. are accepted)
-Swearing is allowed so long as it doesn't become extreme
-Kissing and make-outs are okay so long as it doesn't escalate to almost sex and sex scenes. I don't wanna burn my eyes out like when I was watching the Two Set Violin Valentine's Day video....(don't watch it, but if you have, hmu with opinions or just comments in general)
-Title it whatever you want and add #ettu?brutus so if I can find it. If you're really nice, please put it in the comments!!! 
-You can add old pieces idc
-Due Date: I'm thinking a month from now because this is a hard prompt. So April 6th
-Contest results will come a maximum of two weeks after. If I forget, PLEASE REMIND ME. I don't want to be rude.

Wrap Up of ~da Rules~: This is my first contest so cut me some slack on everything, I suppose. If you have any questions please put them in the comments!!


1st Place-
-A follow if I'm not following you already.
-4 peer reviews on pieces of your choice.
-4 likes on pieces of your choice.
-4 comments on pieces of your choice.

2nd Place- 
-A follow if I'm not following you already.
-2 peer reviews on pieces of your choice
-3 likes on pieces of your choice
-3 comments on pieces of your choice

3rd Place- 
-A follow if I'm not following you already
-1 peer review on a piece of your choice
-2 likes on pieces of your choice
-2 comments on a piece of your choice

Honorable Mention-
-1 like on a piece of your choice
-1 comment on a piece of your choice

You don't need a conclusion, mon amis. You know what to do!
Let the writing game commence!!!

"I'ma keep on running this sh*t
Let the games begin!"
~Let the Games Begin~ AJR


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