L.B. Stoltz

United States of America

I was born into a family where knowledge was valued more than any money, however many of my family members did not quite make it to college. I hope to publish a book so I can pay for my college and be the first person in my family to attend college

Message to Readers

Long nights and best friends
Only thing missing is skinny pop and self-love

Rotting Roots

March 5, 2019

PROMPT: Band Name

My friend and I actually have a band named Rotting Roots. 
I love botany
We both are from a very small town with people with very small minds.

It was an incredibly late night.
I was sad and we were jamming out.
Her sitting on my bed with her uke
And me on the floor with my guitar.

We decided that we were both beautiful...on the outside. 
However, on the inside, we were both rotting and dying slowly.
I told her of my fern that had rotting roots.
That's how we decided in our name

We're still together 
I still love her no matter what
We're going to travel together 
We're going to be happy together
even with our shriveled and rotting roots


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