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Okay, delving into the world of fantasy here! I like this a lot more than I probably should. XD
Any feedback is welcome, and I hope you like it :)

Dream Whispers, Chapter One: Beatrix #ghostlycontest

March 5, 2019


"Goodnight, honey."

"'Night, mom."

I slip under my covers and switch the lights off, then check the clock. 9:47. Perfect timing! I am needed by 10:00. Burrowing further under the covers, I pull my shirt sleeve up to my elbow. Yep, it's glowing.

I rub the mark a bit, and the glow intensifies. The entire underside of my blanket looks bright as day now, and it begins to fade from my view. I glance at the clock again. Has it seriously already been 5 minutes? ugh, I'll have to hurry. I rub the mark one more time, then draw a circle around it with my pinkie and the world around me disappears. 

I've reached my destination. 

My pajamas have changed into a flowing, sleeveless dress the color of the moon on water, shimmering silver. My hair is no longer pulled back into its simple ponytail; now it is long and flowing, curls aflame with copper and gold. 

I look around and see the hundreds of others just like me, most with subtle differences: a slightly lighter shade of hair, or a pastel blue dress instead of silver. Then there's the others, the outcasts. The nightmares. They are the ones in dark, dangerous colors with choppy haircuts and permanent frowns. Occasionally someone will go to join them.

I look around, and I smile.

Because my name is Beatrix Gerawenn, and I am a dream.
For. ghostlyglory's contest. Go check out her awesome prompts for it! :D 


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  • paperbird

    part two is out!

    6 months ago