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This one doesn't have any action at all, however, I thought it would be better to explain how Froakie evolved so fast.

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 5

March 6, 2019


    Zane looked outside the cave, light shining on his face. It had took a couple of hours, but finally, he made it out of the cave. After Frogadier and Lycanroc took out the Onix and Geodudes, other pokemon kept their space. 
    You should probably say something to Lycanroc. He helped us get out, we should help him. Frogadier croaked.
    Zane turned to the red werewolf like pokemon. "Thank you. Frogadier tells me that you want a home. Would you like to join me and him on our pokemon journey?"
    Lycanroc grinned. It nodded its head really fast. 
    Zane took out a pokeball. He extended his arm, with the pokeball in his hand. Lycanroc pressed the button on the front of the pokeball, and it popped open. A red beam shot out from the depths, and hit Lycanroc on the chest. It disappeared inside the small red and white sphere.
    Zane put Lycanroc's pokeball in his pocket. "It's getting dark, and I think I can see Redberry Town in the distance. We have a while to get there, so why don't we camp out and leave tomorrow?" 
    Frogadier nodded. 
    They marched down the hill, where a forest met the mountain. Zane sat down on a stump and fished his sleeping bag out of his backpack. He threw it on the ground and climbed in. He stared up at the stars, while Frogadier climbed up a tree. "You want to go back in your pokeball for the night?" Zane asked. 
    Frogadier shook its head. I'm not going to sleep just yet. I'm looking for a special pokemon, ah, here it is.
    Frogadier crept towards a birds nest. He poked something inside it, and a Talonflame's head appeared. It pecked at Froakie's hand. 
    They exchanged a few words, and eventually, Talonflame agreed to whatever Frogadier asked.
    For the next five minutes, Frogadier jumped around, gathering sticks and leaving them in a pile.
    After the five minutes, Frogadier jumped back up to talk to the Talonflame, who was watching the entire thing. Frogadier then jumped back down, and Talonflame with it. The fire bird stared at the sticks, when suddenly, it spit fire at the pile of sticks. They caught aflame, and the campfire sputtered to life.
    "Nice." Zane said, watching the whole thing. Frogadier nodded. 
    "So... you evolved?"
    Frogadier sat on a fallen log. Yep.
    Lycanroc. After you lost, I ran off into the caves. I wanted to become stronger so that we would never have to lose again. As I was training against weak Geodudes, Lycanroc found me. He told me that he would train me, but I would have to give him something in demand. I offered him a space on your team, and he agreed. He told me he had always wanted to join a pokemon team, but everyone was too busy rushing through the cave to notice him. He took me to a special place in the cave where the Geodudes were stronger, and Onixes appeared all the time. There, we trained and trained. Eventually, I evolved. After a while, I was Level 30. Then, we heard a commotion. Turns out it was you.
    I nodded. "It's not your fault we lost. I battled so recklessly. All I wanted to do was attack. I didn't think of status effects that would weaken Turtwig. And besides, Mom went against the rules. She used a grass move.
    Zane had forgotten all about the strange move, and Frogadier wasn't really conscious during the attack.
    "Welp, I'm tired," Zane said. "We'll arrive in town tomorrow. You wanna go back in your pokeball?"
    Frogadier shook its head. I feel safer in here. 
    Zane nodded. He laid down, and almost instantly, drifted into sleep.


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  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    I don't really know where you're planning to go with the story, but I like how it has its own elements as well as following the base structure of some other things.

    11 months ago
  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill


    11 months ago
  • On Ja Moble Gamer

    Blotted is absolute.HOSS

    11 months ago
  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    I liked this one, and the explanation made sense, but I feel like usually the trainer and the Pokemon have a deep connection before the latter evolves, and they have to go through hardships together (but not always.)

    11 months ago