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By: BluMoon


I am angry with the men who think they're always right. 
I am angry with the women who judge and sneer and whisper out of spite. 

I am angry with the boys who think sports make them a man. 
I am angry with the girls who hurt each other because they can. 

I am angry with the people who pretend it's not their problem. 
I am angry with the system that keeps the poor on the bottom. 

I am angry with the parties teaching children to fill themselves with sex and smoke. 
I am angry with the televisions and their impossibly perfect joke. 

I am angry with the intolerants teaching hate instead of love. 
I am angry with the priests claiming their hate is from above. 

I am angry with the wars and the death that they bring. 
I am angry with the chaos that we claim is not our doing. 

I am angry with the weapons and the oceans they fill with blood. 
I am angry with the religions being dragged through the mud. 

I am angry with the fear of innocent mothers for their children. 
I am angry with the homes destroyed by the million.

I am angry with the starvation when there's plenty to go around. 
I am sad. 
Because my words do not make a sound. 

Why are you angry? 

Peer Review

I am angry with the weapons and the oceans they fill with blood. It's really powerful, considering how international relations are increasingly strained nowadays with North Korea's Nuclear Weaponry development. Like you, I don't understand why and how people kill. I am also infuriated at the impotency of national leaders. Why cannot they find a peaceful resolution?

I resonate with you. All of these are so true! You can disagree with me, but I feel that some guys are more disciplined after taking up a physical activity of choice. That aside, I agree hands down with the women gossiping portion and the widening income gap. Yours is a very topical prose with a very powerful voice that is heard at least, by the reviewer here.

What can we do in order to solve this problem? I feel your indignancy, in fact, all that are listed here are somethings that make majority's blood boil. What solution can we implement bottom-up in order to let people open their eyes and see that we are progressing on a wrong way?

Reviewer Comments

Very topical write which handles sensitive topics very skillfully. I feel your indignancy, and I'm sure you're not alone. The same voice is echoed by me and also the Black Eyed Peas' "One Love". You summarise the problems the world is facing very well, and how we are facing a large social and political malaise that everyone has a part to play in. Based on the three facets, media, politics and humanity that you have raised, we can't deny there is progress, but indeed it is going very slowly. I'm angry because if only these people stopped to listen to what the people have to say. If only they learned from their mistakes instead of sitting down at the General Assembly everytime to start over. Perhaps the world would be a better place with more specific action instead of just talk. Kudos to you on such a powerful write´╝ü