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My real name is Samiksha. I love reading books and writing. I am 14 years old and obsessed with Agatha Christie and also the Twilight series. Also, music is life!

Message to Readers

Let me know if you struggle as much as I do and if you overthink as much as I do. Please drop a review.

Am I sure?

March 6, 2019


I need some clothes to keep me warm,
But so many options to choose from,
I would rather wear a uniform,
Utter confusion sweeps my mind like a snowstorm.

Going to a restaurant for a treat,
So many delicacies that I may overeat,
No idea what I want to eat,
Without indecisiveness, my day is incomplete.

Will I be able to score?
Or will I cry on the bathroom floor?
Maybe my eyes will be sore,
Or maybe I'll buy the whole candy store.

Tiny decisions to ensure,
This or that is always a blur,
I wonder if there is a cure,
Am I ever sure?



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