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Chapter Eight: The Game

March 4, 2019


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Sure enough, the levels did get harder. More obstacles were added, such as red water that they called lava. There were large walls they had to work together to get past, as well as underwater tunnels to swim through in order to reach some buttons.

Lynn hadn’t quite mastered it by the time the session ended, but she did succeed in only falling into the water one time on a level. And when she faded back into the box room, Albany applauded her with a grin.

“Nice job, Lynn,” Cara told her. “That’s a great time for your first attempt.” She clicked a button on a small remote. As she did so, Ross and two other kids appeared in front of Lynn. One was soaking wet, and all three of them looked surprised.

“What just—“ the dripping girl started. But she cut herself off, shaking her head, and Cara addressed the group.

“Okay, everybody, the session is ending in two minutes and some of you have another Game right after this! So all of you come to the door and listen up. I’ll call out a Game, and if you’re in it, head over to the exit and you’ll be escorted to your Games. You should know the order of your Games if you’ve checked your schedules.”

“Now, Lost Time?”

6 kids went over to the door and left.


Albany waved to Lynn and left the room with one other kid.

“And last is Rush.”

Lynn walked over to the door with the remainder of the group and headed down a corridor. They passed a big, open room with a wall-sized glass window and the label “Flame Evasion”. Cassidy was inside, jumping from platform to platform and avoiding falling logs, holes (at least that’s what it looked like), and flames. Lynn grinned as she watched. Her fiery friend seemed to be doing great.

She looked the other way to see what the other side of the corridor held. This time it wasn’t a Game. Instead, she saw a meeting room with frosted glass windows that was very similar to the one she and Cassidy had accidentally stumbled into looking for breakfast that morning. This one was also filled with the black-suited people, and it looked like it was full. What were they talking about?

Lynn debated with herself for a moment before pulling out of her group and stepping casually over to the window. She knew she would probably regret it later, but she had to know what they were talking about.

She pressed her ear against the window, hoping her outline wasn’t visible through the glass, and began to listen. She really started to pay attention when they mentioned Rush.

“Yes, if we look in Rush and possibly Lost Time, we should be able to get the five we need. Have you found any more that might be compatible?”

“I believe so. There were several. Three of them were in Water Evasion and one in Flame. Lynn Thomas, Albany Corla, Robin Jores, and…and Cassidy Jessen. All of them seem compatible for the test if we can get access to them.”


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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Just a note, Robin's a girl XD It's not a problem, just something you should know haha And yep, she's important later, very important...*evil grin* XD

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Uh oh! Looks like trouble! You're driving me nuts wondering what this is all about!!! I'm kinda glad Cassidy, Albany, and Lynn are all in it together though :DD I was expecting that Robin would be important later on, but I didn't expect him to be on the mysterious list...... keep going!!! :DDD (And yeah, I guess the chapter notifications might get old, but for now, I really don't mind :)

    about 1 year ago