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Riley Noel

United States

Future horse trainer
IMF Agent
Rebel Spy
Demon Hunter
Possible Demigod
A proud Gryffindor
Dean and Sam Winchester (older brothers)
In love with
Bucky Barnes
Indiana Jones
The Doctor

Message to Readers

This piece was inspired by Cody Simpson's song "My Temple". If you haven't heard it I would highly recommend listening to it !! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Temple Love

March 4, 2019


Your body is my temple.
Your footsteps are my holy ground.
Your touch is a sin I willingly commit. 
Your kiss is a forgiveness I do not deserve. 
Though you give them to me freely. 
I come to you with no gifts,
save the love of my heart.
And though others have come to your door,
with piles of gold,
pages of flowery words, 
and beauty beyond compare;
you chose me. 
And I will never understand
why someone who has walked with Gods,
could possible love a mortal soul like mine.
But I promise to worship that love for all of my life. 


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