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Hey! My name is Faith and I'm 16. Writing has been my passion since I was 8, and I hope you guys enjoy the stories I publish (:

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Surprise, another rant.
people can be mean as hell, so thought I'd put this out there. fight the negativity with kindness.

so be it

March 4, 2019



We live in a world captivated by negativity spread by our own kind. We say to save this world we have destroyed ourselves. We say protect us, from others, from ourselves, from uncertainty. We fear life and everything in it but love it just the same, even though the task has taken lives in so many ways and granted new ones daily. The daunting thought of living has killed. The negativity has killed. The diseases have killed. Our own neighbors have killed out of rage, out of fear, out of dominance. Yet no one knows why – in the long run, no one will remember. Yes, it’s awful, but there’s only so many generations a story can be held onto before it’s strained to lies.
There’s so much negativity, so much unfairness, so much sadness, and we can only take so much of everything. So when is enough, enough? When will you learn that every pessimistic decision you make will only falter others views on life? When will you learn that, yes, this world doesn’t make sense, but filling it with hate only confuses it more?
The only way to make it out of this alive is happiness. To make it out with negativity is to be dead amongst the deceased, to make it out with positivity is to be alive amongst the dead. That doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t have to. This world is what we make it, so if you want to waste your breath on putting others down, so be it.
Just don’t come crying to me when everything starts crashing down.


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  • lost.girl

    This is so cool. I love the way you make words flow so endlessly. Keep up the good work!

    about 1 year ago