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June 2018

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Traveling Mind of a Seven-Year-Old Girl

March 3, 2019


Waiting in Dubai
I am so tired.
My eyes are
NO! I am awake
Sitting still
Baking heat.
Waiting and waiting and waiting some more.
Past us walk some people and come people past us again.
The airport is hot, way too hot.
There is no breeze, not even a breath. There is no fan, only bustling people.
We are waiting for time- for time to pass. The next flight, not for hours.
It seems like days since we got on the plane,
All rugged up, coats, hats and scarves
Against the cold
But here-
 the temperatures soar, past thirty then forty and then even fifty.
We took off the coats and the
scarves and then
 the hats
but here the sun is too bright and too hot.
Back home it was cooler, colder
back then we wished for a warmer place.
we got what we wished for, and now we take it back,
We are playing a game, a game we’re not winning
The climate is a professional, while we’re just beginning.
I stare at the clock,
Then look at my watch.
The time is all wrong, a few hours behind
Or wait- is it a few hours ahead?
This world is confusing, everything is backwards. The language and the food and the buses and the signs and the books and the ground
And the buildings and even the sky is, and when it
seems it can’t get any worse it does
because I’m tired and hot and
I just want to get on the plane!
I know in my head but not in my heart
That my frustration is not on their part,
But watching people walk by an a good mood
just makes me mad, because why do they get to be
fine, while it's still not our time?
Finally the clock's hand
Shuffles to the eight.
We board at eight thirty,
So we head to the gate.
There's customs and scans and
Ticket checks and more,
But I don't care, because
We're nearly out the door.
By the time we board,
I'm nearly sleepwalking,
But the flight attendant lady
Just won't stop talking.
She tells us about safety and
Emergency plans, and
Not smoking in the bathrooms
and even food brands.
Soon I hear rumbling,
It's coming from the plane,
Now I know that at last,
We're on the move again.
But as soon as I get comfortable,
I feel so very thirsty.
Right before I went to search for some water,
The flight attendant lady arrived with a tray, to ask;
"Apple or orange juice today?"
I chose apple, and started to see
That this flight wasn't as bad
as I thought it would be.


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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    I love this! It's so cute and probably very accurate (I can't testify, I've never been to an airport XD).

    over 1 year ago