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Aaaaalrighty, the next chapter is FINALLY HERE! So sorry for the wait and I hope you enjoy it! :)

Chapter Seven: The Game

March 3, 2019


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     The room was filled with boxes. Huge, empty boxes. Some of them were attached to the wall, but the majority were simple in the middle of the room, leading to nowhere. How could that work?

     “Okay, gang, gather ‘round!” Cara announced. “First off, is anyone NOT here for Water Evasion?”

Three kids raised their hands, confused.

     “Alright. You three go follow Mr. Lohr out and he’ll take you to your Games.”
     The kids left and Cara turned back to the rest of the group. “Now for your instructions. This is kind of like a timed obstacle course. You’ll each be given a tank with 1 minute’s worth of air and then enter one of the boxes in the room, which will lower you into the course. As you will find out, the obstacle courses will all have water in them in places where you could easily fall in, and the water will be slowly rising. Your goal is to avoid the water, hence the name, and hit several buttons that will open doors so that you can get to the next section of the course. Your tank will let you stay underwater for 1 minute without losing, but your air slowly depletes the longer you stay under. Once you run out of air, you lose, and you will fade back into this room. It refills at the same rate once you come back up.”

     “Now, there is a twist. There will be some water in these courses that is green. We’ll refer to that as acid. If you land in the acid, your air will deplete faster than if you land in the regular water, and you lose faster. The more people survive per round, the harder the next course you take will be. Everyone understand?”

    They all nodded but one girl with long dark hair. She rolled her eyes. “No, no one understands,” she muttered sarcastically. Lynn frowned. What was her problem?

     Everyone got handed a shiny silver tank along with a wristband that measured how much air was left in the tank and slipped their wristbands on, then trooped into the nearest box, which was labeled with the word “Easy” in large green letters.
    The door beeped every time someone passed through it, including Lynn. Once the twelve people of the first group had gone through the door, it was shut and the lights turned off. There were exclamations of surprise, but they suddenly turned back on and the doors opened. But what they saw outside the doors was not the same as when they entered the doors.
Instead of the room full of boxes, there was an emerald-green meadow, and just as Cara had said, there was water in several different places. Lynn was at the front of the box they were in, so she stepped out. The second her foot touched the ground, a loud beep sounded through the air, and one of the large puddles of water started to rise. Oh, no, she thought. Did I make it start rising? As the water continued to rise, Lynn noticed a button glowing green…down at the end of a thick log clearly meant to be walked on.

     She ran for the button, and the rest of the kids behind her poured out of the box and toward the closed door.  Suddenly she tripped on a knot in the wood, and she fell into the water!

     She hit the water with a huge splash. Whoa, you really can breathe down here! She realized, looking at her surroundings. She took a second to swim around.
     Only then did she remember the button. She glanced at her air tank wristband and discovered that she only had 35 seconds of air left. Quickly she swam upward and grasped the knot she’d tripped on. After hauling herself up, she carefully but speedily crawled down the log toward the button, which by then was underwater. She heard a small tone as she scrambled up the log at top speed and dashed through the door that had opened when she’d hit the button. Quickly she hopped up the steps after Albany and grabbed her hand.

     “Let’s stay together,” she said. “We’ll be less likely to lose that way.” Albany nodded and they went on. They jumped as the water neared them, especially Albany. She had yet to touch the water, and she didn’t plan on breaking her streak anytime soon. She stepped very carefully onto a giant stump that preceded two others, each taller than the other. But Lynn had gone before her, and it was slippery. As careful as she was, Albany slipped on Lynn’s wet footprints. She yelped and Lynn spun around. “Albany!” she shouted, reaching for her.

      As Albany crashed into the water, Lynn looked for a way to get to her. Suddenly her friend returned to the surface of the water just as quickly as she’d gone under. Lynn pulled her up onto the third stump just as the water began, terrifyingly, to become a light green. The two were behind everyone else in their group, and the rest of them were over at the next door while one of them ran for the next button. “Not more stumps!” Lynn moaned.

     As they speedily crossed the first stumps, the green acid-water was rising higher and higher. But when Albany went to step onto the ledge where they moved to the next section, her foot missed, and she plummeted into the acid. Lynn turned around when she heard the splash of the water, and her eyes grew huge as she saw Albany begin to fade. She gave a small shriek before remembering what Cara had told them, how the people who fell would fade back into the starting room, and she relaxed a bit.

     The rest of the group had progressed past the now-opened door, and the acid had hit Lynn’s ankles. Heart racing, she jumped onto the ledge, hoping to avoid making the same mistake Albany had, and rushed through the next door with the acid up to her knees as she climbed up the next set of steps. The button ahead of her had already been pressed, so she stumbled past it. She climbed a staircase that was slippery with green and had acid rising halfway up the sides. As she reached the top of the stairs, she saw a room with the other kids in it. They were loudly cheering her on: “Come on, Lynn! You can do it!”

     Finally she reached the room and raised her arms in victory.

     A cheer went up from everyone except the dark-haired girl, who rolled her eyes yet again, and the room went dark.

     Suddenly a giant screen appeared in front of Lynn that said: “10/12 survived Easy. Difficulty progressing to Average.”
Incredulous looks crossed the faces of some, but for Lynn it was the grim realization that the first simulation had not been the hardest. It would get harder. This was only the training; how hard would the official Game be?


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  • Quille

    If that's only training........ Wow! Some definite excitement!! :DDD I can't wait to know what happens next!! The action in this chapter was fantastic & suspense is still A+ :DDDD

    over 1 year ago