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“And the Ghosts
they own everything”

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Hey y'all! I am debating if I should keep going with this, so let me know. Going forward, the updates for this fic would be much longer than they are now if I were to continue it. Anyway, I hope you like it.
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The First Time*

March 5, 2019


    She was dead... And then she wasn't. She stood up, wide-eyed and looked around. She looked at her wrist and it looked brand new. Her hand was still stained with the blood, but her wrist was clean. There wasn't even a scar.
    "I bet you like what I did with your wrist, didn't you," A voice says from afar. She knows that voice, but it can't be the same person, right? She turned around slowly, her eyes filling up with the same tears that she promised to never shed again. She took one look at his face, and she couldn't stop herself from running into his arms.
    "You are supposed to be dead," she says to her one and only love, the one that she had killed.
    "You know me; I always come back," he responds. She laughs, finally happy. She stares at his face, not quite believing what she saw. She looked the same, but he looked different too. Before she could stop herself, she opened her mouth.
    I finally got my soul back." She sighed and smiled, but she looked at him and he frowned.
    "About that..." he started, "that isn't going to happen exactly." He looked guilty, and she wondered what he was hiding. She soon found out.
*This is an addition to the piece "One Last Time"


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