Fatima M


aspiring writer, proud ravenclaw.

I hope it rains tonight.

April 4, 2019


The lightening came and went like a light switch being flipped on and off. It illuminated my room and its light pierced loudly through the darkness which was all around me. The ticking of the clock is all I seem to hear. From my sweat soaked bed, I stretch and sneak a  peek out the window and realize that the stars seemed to be absent from their usual gathering with the moon in the night sky. I breathe deeply and very slowly, in and out, in and out but it does nothing to calm my nerves. 
      I hope it rains tonight. I long to hear the drops falling aggressively on my roof and beating hard at my windows. I long for that feeling that everything wrong is being washed away and we emerge in the morning as renewed creatures. To start afresh leaving behind all my silly mistakes. I long to sleep soundly because the rain envelopes me in an in-explainable safety. Finally, I long to feel the wind all around me as it rains, hear it too and fall asleep to its voice, singing quietly to me.
       I hope it rains tonight. I know it surely will. 


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