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Sorry if the title is better than the work? At least I got a new story idea out of the poem...
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Narcissus Draped in Silver #bigcolor

March 3, 2019


A silver-backed screen feeding me lies
As I peer into it
With my blue-lit eyes.
What is human, if brains don’t suffice?
It must not be bodies,
For flesh is not so precise
Compared to my oiled steel fingers
And digitized heart;
Immune to that feeling which lingers.
I must have forgotten the word,
Lost in my argent screen,
Yet all emotions have been blurred.
Truth be told, this screen holds secrets
Untold to and by me,
As the pale mirror reflects nothing but regrets.
"If Narcissus was a depressed cyborg assassin"
The mirror in my head was a compact pocket mirror, but whatever floats your individual boat is great too.
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  • N.

    Thank you so much! :) It's based on a new novella I've been working on...

    11 months ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Whoaaa...this is one of my favorite things I’ve read today!! :D I love the rhymes, and they don’t feel forced at all. Awesome job!

    11 months ago
  • Kahasai

    I usually don't like poetry, but I DEFINITELY liked this. It rhymes and is a creative concept that was expressed quite well.

    11 months ago
  • Riley Noel

    This piece is very interesting and strikingly beautiful!

    11 months ago