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A Love Story Told Through the Meanings of Flowers: Arborvitae

March 3, 2019


    The two shared a baby blanket, when they were little. It had originally been hers, but he stole it. Then she stole it back. The simple game to most others was a war to them--a war that never ended.
    It first happened when they met, in preschool. She took it to school with her as a sense of familiarity. A boy she had never met before pulled it from her shoulders and wrapped it around himself.
    The blanket, knitted with soft green and blue yarn, was the root, and the bud was their friendship.
    She wore it as a scarf during winter, and he would snatch it from her shoulders and hold it tightly around him as he ran away, knowing she would pursue him. She would take it from his backpack at the end of the day and run to the bus with him on her heels. Sometimes they would lay together with it around their shoulders or settled over both their laps; they did it during their first sleepovers in elementary, during the movie nights with friends in junior high, when they sat next to each other in the back of their math class their sophomore year. Sometimes she would go days without it, and one day she would shiver when they were walking to his house after school, and all of a sudden she felt the heavy weight over her shoulders.
    It wasn't just her baby blanket. It was her life blanket.
    The two stared at the blanket, chins on fists, elbows on knees, eyes glued on the fire in front of them, the burned remnants of green and blue smothering the wooden blocks. She had just finished yelling at her little brother, tears brimming in her eyes. The blanket had been one of the constant things through her life, and now it was gone. Because of a fit her brother had, the beginning of her best friendship was gone.
    But, like the war, the friendship they had built was everlasting.
Arborvitae - Everlasting Friendship
This is a short story, cut into five short parts. All have the title of a flower, and that part of the story is based off of the meaning of that flower.


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  • ashdeanmanns

    @Johanna Thanks! I figured I would start out sweet, since the later chapters may not be so sweet.

    about 1 year ago
  • Johanna

    Aww, this is sweet and gorgeous. I love the idea of the blanket!

    about 1 year ago