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so uh don't ask me what this is. it's meant to be satirical as well as fucked up so don't take it too seriously. just some good-natured existential angst for me to unload. and this is why i should never write a screenplay!
also wtw fucked up my formatting so yay :)

oh god where are you now?

March 2, 2019



(in pickeral lake? pigeon? marquette? mackinaw?) 


INT. an unknown location - day

FRIEND 1 and FRIEND 2 walk forward into our view. the two of them are talking unintelligibly about mundane things and laughing about the usual office anecdotes. suddenly, FRIEND 1 stops walking. FRIEND 1's expression changes. 

    FRIEND 1
    i'm sure you've heard the news. 

    FRIEND 2 
    (visibly confused) 
    heard what?

    FRIEND 1     
    we are all alone in this world. there is no purpose to life. there is no end to suffering. we are just - 

    FRIEND 2
    (interrupts suddenly)
    what? FRIEND 1, are you feeling okay? what are you talking about?

    FRIEND 1
    (still talking, does not care for being interrupted)
    the universe has no meaning. we are all simply atoms floating through space on a small rock trying to find meaning through science and sex and fast cars and poems and money and animals that don't even know we exist and sounds arranged to be pleasing and there is no greater plan for any of us. no one is special. the UNIVERSE cares for nothing. the only constant in our lives is death. there is no such thing as reincarnation just as there is no such thing as heaven or hell. our presence is utterly unimportant to the UNIVERSE. 

    FRIEND 2     
    (starting to get nervous, sweating a little)
    silly, that's not true. there's god! 

big, unchecked AUDIENCE laughter. it grows and grows until there is nothing else that can be heard. 

    FRIEND 2
    (starts to shake)
    FRIEND 1, do you hear that? what the fuck is happening? 

AUDIENCE laughter gets louder. it is now one long, inescapable drone of mockery. 

    FRIEND 1
    (says nothing, smiles)

FRIEND 1 disappears from our view. it is only FRIEND 2, now, facing the AUDIENCE and the UNIVERSE. 

     FRIEND 2 
    (with growing horror, FRIEND 2 slowly realizes that everything is a joke. FRIEND 2 realizes that they do not exist. FRIEND 2 realizes that nothing exists at all because no one knows anything about anything and everything they think they know is made up to soothe this terrifying ache, oh god, this ache. FRIEND 2 realizes that their greatest fear has been this all along. FRIEND 2 realizes that everything they have worked for is for naught. FRIEND 2 realizes that the UNIVERSE cares about nothing. FRIEND 2 realizes they are alone.) 

AUDIENCE laugh lessens slightly. we hear crying above everything else. 

    FRIEND 2
    (has their face buried in their hands, sobbing) 
    oh god. oh god oh god oh god oh god-


inspired by "oh god where are you now" by sufjan stevens 


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