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this is lonely

a ghost's company

March 2, 2019



i only walk because mom sewed me three working legs. in the corner
some ghost is never looking when i turn my head but i swear i swear
one hand on god one hand on my heart i swear i'm no liar. metaphors i
confuse with symbols and the ghost is so so sad when i listen to songs
about halloween and melted caramel and the way some fool made me
feel. it sits on a front-porch swing when i come from school and it swings
when i study for exams and it cries when i blow my nose and it laughs
when i slip on black ice and i can't remember the last time i saw any
feet under this house yet i have lost eighteen shoes and my feet are
melted and i am always the only one that ever loses anything at all. 

the ghost says: to be together is to be one is to be human.
so what does that make me? 


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