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i may not be the best, but i try my best.

sometimes beauty is not conventional. sometimes the ugliest things will become the most beautiful.


March 4, 2016


Mature but childish.
Compassionate to a fault
But short tempered.
I am a walking contradiction
And I cannot stop that. 
"You are you 
And that's truer than true,
There's no one alive
That's youer than you."
I hear the quote,
Ringing in my ears,
But I don't listen.
I do not like who I am. 

Broken and screaming. 
Whole and laughing. 
Shattered and smiling
Through the pain.
Gluing myself together
And crying through the healing. 
I am transient,
And I cannot help it. 
Constantly changing
Is the aesthetic I seem to keep. 

Personality stable.
Identity confused. 
I am split between two worlds.
Two sides of the same coin.
Eager to leave
But too paralyzed to move. 
Crying out for the better
But hiding from the light. 
I've spent too long in the darkness.
This is who I am 
And this is how I'll stay. 


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