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Yeah it's another sonnet. Damn you, Shakespeare.
And yes, I did censor that notorious word in the footnotes. Passive-aggressive? Perhaps.
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Indecipherable Face of a Playing Card

March 2, 2019


No mercy for they who say my name,
I, master of deceit, king of nothing,
A One-Eyed Jack with perfect careless aim,
For they know not what sorrow I will bring
And it is for that, I must envy them.
We stand in the torrid, blue, endless night,
And watch the white-hot stars wreaking mayhem
Across the immortal sky through finite sight.
A simple solution to the age-old
Problem of boredom out of hungry minds
Is spinning honeyed stories into gold
Under periwinkle moonlight that blinds.
For the banter in our grey brains that spin
Is nothing but a game of cards to win.
Originally an idea for Big Blue's contest (which you should definitely check out!) but sort of turned into something different. Written with the help of an unhealthy mix of sorta-good instrumental music and like three songs off the S***ide Squad album.

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