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Slithering Ink

March 1, 2019


Black slithered across the rotting wooden planks, hissing and spitting as it approached. Its body moved like a thin stream of ink, oozing and riveting. However, the harmless illusion was broken by long white fangs protruding from its narrow head and piercing red eyes. A snake, and yet something far worse.

The boy shuddered on the bed, gaze fixed on the creature, grip on the sheets so terse that all the blood had fled from his hands. He was barely breathing, but his heart was slamming itself so violently against his ribcage that it hurt. 

Ba-dump. Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

The sound in his ears was like music warning him of his pending doom.

The creature paused by the chest that stood at the end of the bed, but it didn't hinder it for long. With a snarl, the creature reared up high and surged forward, maw unhinging, aiming at the boy's face. 

The boy's screams were swallowed up almost instantly...


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