Boxer braids

Georgia Buick


Who needs a boyfriend when you have fictional characters.

Message to Readers

Hey everyone, i'm not to sure what you will think of this piece but please let me know anything that I could change or add to make it more entertaining. Thanks Georgia.

He was my everything

March 4, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

It was him.
His beautiful blue eyes,
His amazing smile,
His strong muscular arms that encircled me whenever we met,
His laugh that made me always smile,
The way he held my hand when I was nervous,
It was defiantly him.
Well, it was him until she came along.
She now makes his;
Blue eyes more beautiful with colour than I ever could make them,
She makes him smile brighter than I ever could,
She took the feeling of his strong arms from me,
She has made the way he laughs a painful sound,
Most importantly, she took away the way he helped with my nervousness.
She took everything from me.
And he chose her over me.

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